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The 100% Free Super Email Builder!


The 100% Free Super Email Builder!

You Will Need (If You Don't Already Have It)


  • Find a niche or product you would like to promote. For me, I chose pressure cookers. You can choose any product, digital or physical.
  • Create a squeeze page (if you don't already have one) - Don't know how to create one? Click here.
  • Or if you want a quicker and easier way to create squeeze pages, I personally use Wishpond because I can create one in less than 10 minutes wth their drag and drop feature. Click here to check out Wishpond.
  • Provide a FREE gift/offer to attract your visitors to provide you their emails.
  • For the free gift/offer, you can either:
  • One - create it yourself. I Googled a few articles relevant to my niche; in this case, pressure cookers, so I searched for the list of the best pressure cookers and and creative dishes you can prepare with pressure cookers, rewrote the articles into my own words and compiled them into a free PDF guide; or
  • Two - use PLR products. PLR products are Private Label Rights, meaning the products are created by someone else but they allow you permission to freely do whatever you want with them, including selling them as if they are your own. You can have PLR's for anything, including eBooks, videos and software. 
  • Connect your squeeze page to your AWeber account and copy/paste the affiliate link of the product salespage (my pressure cooker salespage) into AWeber so that when visitors click to opt in and get the free PDF guide or PLR product, they also automatically get presented with the sales page of the product. If you don't know how to set up AWeber with the squeeze page and affiliate link, you can find tutorials when you sign up to AWeber free for 30 days. 

Grabbing FREE Traffic To Your Salespage

The way to grab 100% FREE traffic is by signing up to You only need to pay if you are setting up your own group but it doesn't cost anything to join purely as a member; membership is all I need. 

There are literally thousands of Meetup groups catering for every niche and interest. For me, I joined several cooking groups. If you're promoting for example health, beauty and relationship products, you want to be joining those relevant groups.

As a member, you have access to contact all the members of that group and you can join as many groups as you can! Within 10 minutes, I joined around 20 groups, each with 200-800 members! As a tip, I have messaged a lot of people and Meetup is very generous with it's spam, I have never encountered any warnings whatsoever. However, still be careful with the amount of messages you send a day. I would keep it between 20-40 messages a day.

Your Message

You want to be greeting the members and provide them with some value, either a tip or information they might find useful first off. I provide one clever dish you can cook with pressure cookers and provide a link to my squeeze page below if they want to find out more.

Another good tip for messaging people is to not sell or offer anything in the first message. What I personally find very helpful is to make friends with them in the first message because it's all about building trust and rapport since people only buy from people they trust. So my first message template would be:

"Hi Jane,

I'd like to connect with you as we are both within the same group. Perhaps we might be able to become more familiar with eachother and perhaps exchange few recipes in the near future"

By sending messages everyday and providing value, not only are you getting 100% FREE traffic to your squeeze page EVERYDAY, you will also get a high opt-in conversion. As long as you provide value in your messages, recipients will thank you for it and be happy to provide you their emails!



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