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When I started doing internet marketing, I made the mistake of not focusing on building an email list. Having your own email list is like having your own personal audience and customer base for you to talk to 24/7. The most important thing to anyone wanting to have their own business or make money is having your own email list and so it is crucial that you focus a lot of your attention in building it.

As a matter of fact I spend 80% of my time building my list and the other 20% doing my other business related activities. So before you even consider Google and SEO, you must focus on your list!

How to build your own list?

It is difficult to know what to do and where to turn when starting to building a list, you will start off make plenty of mistakes and going to the wrong sources. Luckily, list building isn't really difficult and once you know where to go and what to offer your visitors, list building is in fact fairly straight forward. The best tip is that it all starts off with your offer and product selection. Whether you offer your product free or not, it has to be relevant and valuable to visitor. Once you have the visitors attention, you can then begin to offer something even more valuable - and that's how you get the sales.

It is with months of trial and error and this simple technique that I am able to generate over $5,000 a month. The techniques I used are fully explained step-by-step in the incredibly well written 2k Formula.

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The 2k Formula explains that you can easily make $2,000 per month with this formula. Having checked this out recently and finding out that the formula is very similar to mine, I feel that this estimate is understated because I personally make over $5,000 per month.

How does the 2k Formula help you build a list?

  • It teaches you the technique of how and where to build a list 100% FREE - no need to pay for traffic!
  • How to create content easily and how to find the right products that get you huge sales!
  • You will see results with 24 hours!
  • Contains 9 videos that show you how to get set up in minutes 

Quite honestly, as happy as I am with the techniques I use, if this product had been made 2 years ago, I would have gotten a quicker head start and made a lot more money when I started out.

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