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I'm about to explain to you 4 stupidly simple reasons that kill your financial freedom 
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You have no blueprint to make sales

It always pays to plan ahead. You will never make money if you have no idea how you are going to go about drawing in new customers and converting them into sales. I see far to many people that think they can merely create a "wonderful" product, put it online in some online marketplace and in time, attention will be drawn upon it and sales will be made in that way. Your job is to plan what type of customers you want to target, will your product meet that target, consider why they will buy your product and come up with a sales process that anticipates customers' reactions. However, just because you have a plan, doesn't mean it has to work first time. The idea of the plan is to figure out if something will work or won't work. If an element of the plan doesn't work then identify why it doesn't work and tweak it accordingly. This is obviously something will take time and I promise you the hard work will be worth it!

You are not automating your process

There's a common saying in marketing and growing your business - "automate or die", although this sounds pretty strong, the saying is true. If you had to be physically involved in everything you do including the manual labor of admin and process, your time is taken away from things that really matter. You will getting burned out with very little results in growth and you will eventually lose motivation. The golden rule is that you need to focus on the more critical aspects of your business and leave the day-to-day processing and admin jobs to automated software or outsourcers. However it has to be recognized that in the beginning you do have to do the work yourself to get everything established, but once that has been established, then you can automate.

You have no patience

Unfortunately, however which way you cut it, building an income stream and financial freedom takes time. Sure, there are methods out there where you can achieve this faster than others but all essentially require your patience. If you are planning to build a long term prosperous future and a business that's going to help you secure financial freedom, then it stands to reason that the work involved will not be overnight. If it takes you a month to make $1 then there's not reason why you cannot learn from that and make $2 next month, then $4 the week after, until soon you have the processed nailed down that you can make much more!

You are doing this alone

Whether you are doing this for the first time or just shy talking to people, you grow a lot faster by interacting with people, whether in person or online. Doing things alone means you can plateau and hit a brick wall very quickly. When you interact, you can at least learn from people on the same level as you and from people who are more experienced. Plus when you teach others, you learn faster as it reinforces your knowledge and experience.

Now those are the 4 stupidly simple things that kill your financial freedom. To help you get started, I'd to introduce you to a simple method that covers everything we talked about:

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