Welcome To The
"4HWW" Empire

Well done on getting this far!

By now you should be all set up on your simple "4HWW" system and seen the benefits of building a passive income generating structure!

However, I understand that some of you maybe itching to come up other income generating ideas to complement your current one or something that you can start from scratch and build into your very own empire.

Luckily for you, I'm going to share my very own favorite strategy to you regarding how I was able to start a "4HWW" empire from scratch with no budget or technical skill-set!

The Key To The "4HWW" Empire

The key is this - focus solely on the management, forget learning about the technical skills! As a "4HWW" entrepreneur, you shouldn't need to spend any time in learning about any technical skills (you can if you want especially if you are passionate about the area), however your job is to simply manage and grow your empire (even then the management part will become hands off very soon, leaving everything to run on autopilot!)

My Own Personal Strategy For Building My "4HWW" Empire

Choosing Your Service(s) And Listing

Go to www.upwork.com and choose what type of service you'd like to offer. This can literally be anything you want as pretty much any service imaginable can be and has been offered by Upwork!

My personal favorite services I like offering are website design, video creation and editing, and app development. These are more technical services that can turn into big projects that I can charge large fees for. However, when starting out I would recommend offering smaller and simpler services such as article/blog writing, logo design and proofreading. You can offer whatever service you want and however many services you want!

Do you need to know anything about these services or need to spend time doing them yourself - absolutely not!

Once you have chosen your service. You will need to create a new account with Upwork and list your services.

Rockstar Tip - Not good at writing your listing? No problem! Simply look for the listings belonging to the most popular sellers (you can look through their ratings and comments), copy and paste their listings onto your own listing page and slightly tweak the wording (don't just simply use their listing word for word!) These top sellers have already optimized their listings to maximize sales and all you're simply doing is using their optimized content but without using it 100% word for word.

Sourcing The Service

I usually find very good freelancers from www.fiverr.com, you can pretty much find a freelancer for any service you can imagine. The idea is to sell your chosen service(s) on Upwork then have that service fulfilled from Fiverr at the fraction of your selling price!

For example, for article writing services, you can charge up between $50-$100 per article but pay a writer on Fiverr for $20 at the most!

For website design, I can easily charge around $500 for a simple website but pay a designer from Fiverr up to $150!

Your job is to simply receive an order along with payment then use that same payment to pay for the service fulfillment.

You will spend no time whatsoever doing the services yourself meaning your time is freed up to build your business further.

This means that potentially, you can have multiple orders for the same service and have all the work done for you simultaneously without doing it yourself!

Rockstar Tip - While your time is freed up, you can use it to list other products that complement your current service. For example, if my core service is website design, you may want to also offer logo/banner design and content writing. 

Your Presence In The Listings

One of the things that concern beginners when they list their products for the first time is that how do they compete against the more established sellers in Upwork. The answer is simple - you won't compete . . . and you won't need to!

Upwork is the biggest freelancer site in the world that attracts millions of visitors, which means that a large amount of visitors will see each listing everyday. Brand new listings will get seen and give it some time, someone will be buying your services!

Additionally, beginners fill their listing with content that they think would attract buyers. You of course know better! Rather than trial and error, you have already gotten hold of the content that has done very well for the top sellers and simply pasted and tweaked the content for your own use.

However, I will explain how you can increase your presence in the listings even if you're a beginner with this Rockstar Tip:

Rockstar Tip - Create several listings of the same service (between 5-10 listings) but clearly have slightly different wording for each. That way you have more of a presence in the search results when visitors are typing the keywords relevant to your service. The chances of visitors clicking on your services increasing tremendously if you have more than one listing for each service!

To make things easier, why not choose 5-10 of the best listings from 5-10 top sellers and just copy, paste and tweak the content for each!

Choosing The Right People To Help You

Once you're all set up on Upwork and Fiverr, find out the best people you want to help you from Fiverr. If I was looking for website designers, I would check out their ratings, number of orders fulfilled and comments from previous customers. I would also message those customers and ask them what they thought of the freelancer in more detail. I would choose several freelancers for my list. Once you are satisfied with your freelancers, message them and ask them what requirements they need before getting started. Their requirements will be what you ask from your buyers once you receive an order from them.

Delivering The Order

Ask the freelancer how long it would take to deliver the order, always add 1-3 extra days when informing your customer, so if takes 7 days, tell your customer 10 days to allow yourself extra time if any issues arise.

Once your freelancer has delivered the work, immediately deliver it to your customer. This can mean that if you quote 10 days but deliver it in 7, you have over-delivered which makes your customer pleased with your service!

Rockstar Tip - Always ask your customer to leave you positive review and comment so your services rank higher to attract future customers!

Growing Your Empire

After gaining a few customers, your business will naturally growing and your services will climb in ranks attracting even more customers! Similar to the previous "4HWW" course, once I have gained between 10-20 customers. I began to appoint a project manager. You can easily hire a PM from either Fiverr or Upwork for no more than $10 per hour and their responsibilities will be to run your empire the same way you been doing it if you have followed this course. The importance of the PM is that he/she is running the system and doing the job for you so that you can completely remove yourself!

Once I've hired a PM, I've let things run completely in the background without touching it and every month when I check my bank and PayPal account, I see my balance increase!

It will not be long until you are able to run and manage your business while you sleep or go on holiday and still see your business continue to grow and generate a steady and and increasing profit month to month!

Now you know how to grow your very own empire - go out and do it!


Are You Now Ready To Build MULTIPLE Income Streams?

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