In this case study, we are going to focus on providing whiteboard animation services. 

Why whiteboard animation services?

  1. You can sell them for more than $5 right from the beginning without having to spend time and effort earning your rankings;
  2. You can choose to sell them at whatever price you like;
  3. Although $5 is the usual expected price on Fiverr, customers wanting whiteboard animation services are usually business owners and entrepreneurs, meaning they are in an investment mindset rather than cost mindset, and therefore willing to spend more compared to consumers;
  4. You can deliver them just as super fast and easy as any other $5 gig.

This system is an incredibly simple but extremely effective 3-step process.

Step 1: Your Fiverr Account

If you don't have a Fiverr account already, open one at

Step 2: Your Salespage

When creating your salespage, don't worry too much about spending hours researching the wording and layout for optimal sales.

Simply type into the Fiverr search box "whiteboard animation" and you will see tons of people with their own salespage. Among the hundreds of salespages offering whiteboard animation services, you will see some that have the top ratings, best reviews and most sales. These are the sellers we need to focus on because they have the most optimized salespages that convert the most sales. Those salespages contain keywords and layouts that attract visitors and converts them into buying customers! Pick a few of these top salespages and simply identify their keywords and copy their layout, title and content to use for your own. However, do tweak your own salespage slightly so that you are not copying 100%.

The idea here is that the best sellers have already identified the best keywords, content and layout to use in their salespage. By looking at their salespages, you have access to their high-converting keywords and optimized layouts! All you have to do is copy their formula and save yourself the time and effort doing your own research - why reinvent the wheel!

Are you going to make as much money as the elite sellers? Clearly not, but if they are making $300+ a day and you make $50 a day, then is still a win considering you will be spending less than 5 mins doing the delivery for each transaction!

Pick a price to sell your services. I find that $50 is the most ideal but there's no reason why you cannot price at $100. If you are starting out, perhaps try at $30 and see how well you do.

You may be wondering:

  1. How can I get visitors to view my salespage? And
  2. Why would anyone buy from me for $50 if they can get the same service for $5?

The answers are simple and may surprise you!

  1. You are leveraging the power of Fiverr's traffic. Fiverr literally has 1,000,000's of visitors every single day and believe it or not, everyone's salespage does get views. A typical conversion rate is 4%, meaning you will get 4 sales from every 100 visitors. Which means (4 x $50 =) $200 for every 100 visitors!
  2. You are leveraging the power of convenience and the power of an effective salespage. Your salespage is effective because it is modeled from the salespage of an elite seller who has already done the research for converting paying customers. Convenience plays on consumer behavior; specifically the best customers are the ones who are ready to buy once they see something effective and right in front of them, in which case they will not feel the need to waste time "shopping around". 
  3. You are leveraging the power of value. In the eyes of the best type of customers, a $50 dollar product is seen as more valuable than a $5 even if they are similar. 

Step 3: Delivering The Order

When you receive an order, simply go to one of the best sellers and order a whiteboard animation from them and just pass on the details/requirements provided to you by your customer.

The animation should be completed within a few days, by which then you can simply deliver to your customer.

And you're done - it's that easy!

From copy/pasting customer instructions to the seller and delivering the whiteboard animation to the customer - that whole transaction should take less than 5 minutes!

Bonus Super Tips

  1. I found what worked best for me was creating at least 5 salespages offering the same service but each worded differently. You can base each of your own 5 salespages on 5 different salespage from the elite sellers, as each elite seller would have done their own research in optimizing their salespage. When you have more than one salespage in the search results you increase your presence presence, therefore increasing your chances of making more sales!
  2. I recommend paying $5 to have someone create a whiteboard animation for you then posting it on YouTube. Search for whiteboard animation on YouTube and you will see plenty of videos that have plenty of views, however most are very poor quality! Simply find the whiteboard animation videos with the most views and use their keywords in your title, description and tags but be careful not to use their brand or company name! Your whiteboard animation should advertise your services and you should add a link to Fiverr salespage in your description. Videos naturally rank very high on Google and since Google favors YouTube rankings over websites, combined with the keywords you adopted from the most popular whiteboard animation videos, your own video should rank very well! So when people Google your whiteboard animation keywords, they should naturally find you and will likely convert into a sale!