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How I Taught My Non-Marketer Buddy To Earn $376.48 In 17 Hours!

The $1 Prop Bet - Teach My Buddy To Make $200 Within 24 Hours!

Recently, one of my closest buddies told me the good news that he was expecting a new child later this year. After I congratulated him, he also told me that he was struggling financially with his mortgage, bills and day-to-day expenses. He said that although he was excited that his new baby was on the way, this would add even more financial pressure to him and his wife.

My buddy wanted a way to make more money to take away some of this financial pressure. He said he didn't need to be rich, but just make enough extra money so that he didn't have to worry so much about money. He also said that he was considering working longer hours at his job but he didn't want to be so busy that he never has time for his baby.

As an experienced marketer and loyal friend, I wanted to help him anyway I can, so I made him a prop bet.

I said that I bet him $1 that I could teach him to make $200 within 24 hours. I didn't care it was for $1, I treated it as a challenge that could help my friend. Naturally my friend didn't believe he would be able to make $200 in 24 hours; he had no marketing experience. To make things more fair and interesting, I searched for the right product that is easy to learn and that could produce results. I found the 7 Dollar Tsunami!

Not only did I win the bet, I surpassed it entirely!

Within 17 hours, my friend had already made $376.48!

This Is How We Did It

I went through the 7 Dollar Tsunami video training with my friend and helped him out with each step. My friend had $0 budget so I made sure we were able to get every step done for FREE!

We needed to pick a niche. My friend was able to easily pick one using their simple niche-selection formula. The videos also provide a formula on how you can select the right product that will interest buyers in your niche and convert them into sales. Following this, my friend was confident he picked the relevant product for his niche. 

We created an offer to promote that product and set up an account linked to that offer including PayPal. My friend was one of those rare people that still did not have a PayPal account so I helped him set up an account to receive payments.

I explained to him that the most important part in this process is getting traffic to the offer and usually you have to pay for traffic if you want it immediately or wait a while for free traffic with SEO. 

However by following the steps outlined in the videos, we were able to tap into a source of FREE highly-targeted traffic that were proven buyers and drove them to our offer. After we've set everything up, we agree to come back in 24 hours.

17 hours later, we both got a little impatient and decided to check my friend's PayPal account. My friend didn't believe we would make any sales at all and I assumed we would be close to our goal, perhaps at around $182.00. We were both amazed to find that we had already made $376.48! 

My friend became a believer in himself and now he makes between $200 to $450 per day following the 7 Dollar Tsunami method!

... And yes, he paid me the $1!

I would strongly urge you to follow in my friend's footsteps and believe that you can also make $200 to $450 per day!