You have made the smart decision to have your very own Amazon store!

Not only are we going to build the store for you, we are also going to host it for you....for life!

Your Setup

Before we build your store, you will need to consider the following.


First you will need to think about what type of items you would like to sell in your store. A few ideas may be:

  • cameras
  • phones
  • laptops
  • toys
  • blenders
  • grills

I recommend that you do not rush your ideas and spend some time to think carefully. I would also recommend spending some time looking at Amazon to get some ideas.


Brand name is very important for your store because it can make a difference in sales. So you would need to pick a name for your brand and create a logo. I would highly recommend that you create a logo to reflect your brand. You do not need to have a logo but you will not get as many sales. To save you time, I would recommend you visit Fiverr and pay someone to create you a logo for $5.


Your domain should be the same as your brand name. Think carefully about what domain name to pick because you will need the name to look attractive to attract customers. For example, if I was to pick grills to sell, my ideas for domains might be:


There are plenty of sites to purchase your domain, I would recommend purchasing it from GoDaddy. I would recommend that you purchase your own domain name as you will have freedom with that domain and you can keep it forever.

HOWEVER: if you do not wish to spend money to purchase a domain name, we can create a domain extension for you on our server for free (e.g. www.[our server name].com/your domain name).

Simply give us the name of your brand and we add that to our server for free (please note that should you wish to move your store to your own purchased domain name in the future, this will require a completely new store build)


You don't necessarily need a banner for your store but I would highly recommend that you have one for your store to make it look more attractive. Banners can make your store stand out and make it more attractive for your customers to buy your items. I would recommend that you visit Fiverr and pay someone $5 to create a beautiful website banner for you. If you are going to display several categories of items in your, I would create a banner for each category or have at least 2 to 4 banners. Below is an example of a banner I created for one of my stores.


You will need to open an Amazon Associate account. This is where Amazon will give you access to their products to sell and pay your commission. We will be linking your store to this account. Simply Google Amazon Associates and follow their instructions to sign up. Once you have created your account, we need your ID and password. Each country has its own Amazon Associate sign up page, make sure you are signing up to the right one!


To maximize your marketing, customer base and sales potential, I highly recommend that you create social media pages. Although there are many ways to market your site and attract customers, one of my favorite ways is to use social media, so I would have Facebook page with my brand name, posts featuring my items for sale and a link to my store. I recommend you create the following pages/accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


Once you have everything, send us an email at with the following information:

  • email subject line "1 store", "3-pack store" or "10-store pack" (depending which one you purchased)
  • your full name
  • email you used to make your purchase
  • your proof of purchase

Also we need your:

  • brand name
  • domain name (we will also need your DNS link to point your domain name to our servers so that we can host your store for you. We cannot provide one set of instructions to do this because every website is different depending on where you purchase your domain from whether that be GoDaddy, 123-reg or Namecheap etc. I recommend that after you purchase your domain from a website, you contact their support on how to point your domain to a host. If you have a DNS link, please provide this to us). Or if you do not wish to purchase a domain, simply provide a name you want us to use;
  • items you want to sell (please provide only one category, if you provide more than one, we will use the first one)
  • logo and banners (the safest and most convenient way to send them to us is through Google Drive. If you don't already have Google Drive then simply create a Gmail account which is free and you'll have access to your own Drive as part of your account. Then simply upload your logo and banners onto the Drive, create a folder with them inside and provide us with a link to that folder so that we can download it. We will not accept any email attachments as it can be unsafe!)
  • color scheme you want for your store (otherwise we will choose for you)
  • links to your social media pages
  • your Amazon Associate ID and password

You do not need to provide us with a logo or banners or social media links but I highly recommend that you do if you want to make your store look attractive and increase your opportunity for more customers and sales. Everything else you will need to send across otherwise we will not be able to build the store for you.

Please make sure everything you send is correct as anything incorrect, incomplete or has issues can cause unnecessary delay in completing the store for you!

We may request further information should we require it.

The Build

Once we have everything above, we can begin to build and host your store for you. The store will be a basic standard build that will include your logo basic wording and the color scheme of your choice. We will also stock your store with the items of your choosing. The build will take approximately 30 days to complete but may vary according to the size of the queue. Should the build take longer than 30 days, we ask that you be patient as the store will be built and delivered to you afterwards. Any delay n providing the information we need will also delay our completion.

The availability and number of items in the store may varying depending on the items you choose to sell. For example, if you choose to sell cameras, there may be many items available, but if you choose to sell Go Pros, there may be less, depending on what is available from Amazon.

If you have purchased the 3 or 10 store pack, please send instructions for another store build only after your previous store has been completed as we cannot build multiple stores at once per customer due to high demand in our queue.


Once we have built your store, we shall deliver it to you via login details and shall also include simple instructions and how to make changes to your store, add/remove items and maintenance of your store. 

The Store

The store will be stocked with the items of your choosing, all sourced from Amazon. Your store will also contain buttons/links to your social media pages. If a customer visits your store, places an item in the basket in your store and checks out, they will be taken directly to the Amazon check out page. You will then receive a % commission from any item they purchase.

Here is the bonus: for example, if your store only sells cameras and your customer places a camera in the basket and checks out, if then they decide to purchase other items such as a television and an iPad, you will also receive % commission on ALL those items within a 24 hour period!

In one of my stores, I sell smartphones but I would also get customers that visit my store and when they check out and get taken to Amazon, they also purchased a tablet, desk and a guitar and I received commission on everything!

Marketing Your Store

I have personally found that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the best sites to market your store. When customers come across your items from your social media pages, they likely to click and visit your store and buy the item. Also when you have social media buttons/links in your store, your customers can visit those pages and become your followers where you can always update them, bringing in more customers and more profit!

Important Tips

I highly recommend you choose ONE theme or set of items per ONE store only! Each nice should have its own store. I would not recommend to have one store to sell everything. For example, have one store to sell cameras, another store to sell tablets, another store to sell, gym equipment etc. Customers are more likely to buy if your store is a specialized niche.

Do not fill your store with 1,000's of items because it can be too much to handle for one store. Customers may fill overwhelmed and your store may slow down and even crash, losing you potential profit! Fill it with a good number but not too much so that each store can run smoothly.

If you store runs slows or crashes, I would recommend that you first remove some items on store as too much stock may be causing the problem.


  • This product includes basic store build and lifetime hosting only;
  • We do not provide custom builds. Once the basic build has been completed and delivered, any changes beyond the basic build and maintenance will be your own responsibility;
  • We need to ensure that our servers are running all stores as smoothly as possible. If we experience slow down or other issues in the stores or the servers, we may need to change/remove items in the stores or remove the store from our servers entirely;
  • You may cancel the hosting at any time after 3 months from the date of purchase but cancellations are subject to 30 days notice, to which any payment due within the 30 day period shall remain payable, whether your store(s) is built or not;
  • Any payment already made shall not be refundable;
  • Your level of customers and sales is largely dependent on the items you are selling and your marketing;
  • We are responsible for building and hosting the store. We are not responsbile for sales and marketing. You are responsible for your own sales and marketing


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