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The Cash Machine PLUS+ Strategy

Congratulations! At this stage, you would have now discovered the smart way to generate passive income per each new campaign! If you have skipped to this stage and not yet gone through the 200+ Cash Machine course, then I strongly urge you to follow that first before continuing with this page.

So far I have showed you how to generate passive income through each new campaign; they are easy to set up and you can run multiple campaigns at once if you wanted to double, triple or even quadruple your income! Each new campaign will bring new customers to your list.

However, the real value lies with your existing customers! Those that have already bought from you are more likely to buy from you again compared to those seeing your offers for the first time. They have already "warmed" to you therefore are much easier to sell new offers to.

So how do you sell to your existing customers?

Here's a Rockstar Tip! You sell by not selling!

How do I mean??

Even though existing customers are easier to sell to, it doesn't mean that you should be selling to them all the time. In between selling your product offers, you should be offering free gifts and information that they can use so they can trust you more and more over time. And the more they trust you, the more likely they will buy from you again.

So let's take this in simple to follow steps:

1. It All Starts With A List

By now if you have followed the previous guide, you should have a list of existing customers in your autoresponder. You will need one for this to work, I highly recommend AWeber as this is the one I use myself.

For a guide on sending/scheduling emails and setting up links to offers, check the AWeber guide or your own autoresponder guide.


Do not sell again immediately! When your customers have recently bought from you, the last thing they want is to be offered something else entirely different. They should be given time to go through their purchase and get as much out of it as possible before it is reasonable to offer them another product. Reasonable is subject but my rule of thumb is at least 3 weeks. However, if the other product being offered compliments their current purchase such as an upgrade or complement then that's fine to offer immediately after.

Instead you should be offering free gifts or information that your customers would like and can use. For example, if my previous campaigned sold software designed to create video sales letters. I would then email my list of existing customers articles and blogs that gave tips on how to optimize the structure, images, video length and presentation style of their VSL to increase sales conversions. I would email this information on a regular basis, say ever 2-3 days. Similarly, if I sold a course on build an eCommerce store, I would email articles on best niche products to sell, ways to reduce the cost of Facebook ads etc. This information is easy to find with a simple Google search.

The bottom line is consider what you have sold to your existing customers and asked "what information I could find and present to them that would help them better use their purchase". If you are able to locate and present useful information, they will thank you for it!

3. Presenting Your Free Gift

Always come across friendly and never come across profession when sending your email out to your list. When you do find a free article or guide, always come across like "Hey guys, I came across this article/information/guide his morning and thought it'll be cool to share with you and see what you guys thought if you wanted to improve your (whatever it is)"

Rockstar Tip - If you add something compelling such as "skip to the 2nd page" or "at 3.05 mins of the video, he shows his stats", you've basically done the work for them and saved them time by going straight into the most valuable part of the information you've given them. They will be more thankful to you and trust you more!

3. Selling New Products To Existing Customers

This starts with your product selection. I will go over a similar discussion I covered in the previous course. You need to make sure you pick the right product to sell. Your criteria can be:

  • Do I want to sell a similar product to what I have sold before because I know I have existing customers who are already interested in that area. E.g. do I sell YouTube products to my customers that have already bought previous YouTube products? Or do I sell something brand new and different and test the buying response?
  • If you have not build enough trust with your customers, you are unlikely to sell expensive products, therefore stick to lower priced products. If you have spent time establishing a large degree of trust then they are more likely to make a more expensive purchase from you.
  • Always go for products with high conversion rate and low refund rate

Rockstar Tip - If you are unsure what best products to sell, try and send a variety of free information covering many areas. If for example Facebook Ad articles have gotten more open and click-throughs than articles on building Instagram followers, then choose a product to do with FB ads since you now know there's a larger interest there.

4. Pre-selling

Do not simply send emails offering a new product, you need to "warm" your customers first.

You do this by sending an email about how you've been getting into, e.g. Facebook marketing and that you've been experimenting around and researching the area - you can simply just quickly read around a few articles. 

You can also email more articles about Facebook marketing to provide them further guidance.

After this, mention that you have come across this product (the product you selected to promote) and would highly recommend it to your customers.

Rockstar Tips - If the product is not expensive, e.g. less than $20 then I would recommend you buy the product yourself and briefly go through yourself because the more you know about it, the more you can talk about it and convince your customers to buy. The $20 is a tiny investment for potentially increasing sales conversion compared to if you didn't buy and knew less about what's inside the product!!

Plus you can make income money by following the product itself - it's a win/win!

5. Pre-Launch Email

Make your customers anticipate the product along the lines of "Hey! Remember the (product) I mentioned this week? I'm going to be sending you an email about it tomorrow/this weekend/next week, so you guys will get a chance to try it for yourselves!"

If you mention the product a few times but not yet offer it to them, they will be more hungry to buy!

6. Sending The New Product Offer

Email them the offer with a link to the salespage of the product. If you have followed this guide from the start, you should be able to see some sales from your existing customers because you have forced them to anticipate its availability rather than offer it to them immediately without any trust established or pre-promotion!

A reasonable window to promote this offer is over a 3 week period.

What worked for me is email everyday about the offer for the first 4 days, then every 2 days for the next 7 days, then every 3-4 days for the rest of the period.

Rockstar Tips

1. There's a lot of emails to send for that 3 week period, however you can spend half a day writing up all your emails then schedule them all to send out at predetermined dates - set once and forget!

2. Another thing to consider is that you do not want to bombard your customers with dozens of emails about the same product. An alternative the above email strategy is that you can check on AWeber (check AWeber guide for this) who did not open your previous email and target only them when sending your next once. That way your customers will regular receive your offers until they open their email and customers that have already opened it will not always receive the same offer. 


If you follow these steps from the beginning you should now be able to receive repeat sales from existing customers! You can repeat these steps over and over and continuously sell and profit from the same customers provided you continue to maintain your trust with them.

If you have yet to do so already, I would highly recommend you pick up the product below. It was from learning from Man's Cash Machine product that inspired my own creation and I highly recommend that you follow my lead and click the green link below to access your own $200 a day cash machine!

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