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Welcome to Crypto Cash Machine!

We are going to show you how to make automated passive income from crypto. Its so easy yet so powerful!

How we do this is to buy crypto coins that generate high interest rates. By doing this, you're ensuring that you will be making a lot of interest for your investment.

The steps are quire easy:

  • Buy crypto that generates high interest
  • Lend out that crypto
  • Receive high interest on a regular basis

There are many platforms where you can buy and lend crypto, but our personal favorite is FTX which we will demonstrate here.

You can open an FTX account by clicking here.

Once you have opened an account, go to the Lending section and scroll through the list until you find a coin that offers high interest that suit you. Here, we found TRYB that offers 70%!


Once you have found a suitable coin, deposit money and purchase that coin then lend it out.

You will get the interest rate offered to you. If you decide to buy and lend TRYB at 70%, that's $70 for every $100 you spend, $700 for every $1,000 you spend and so on!

It's really that easy!

The best thing is the interest is paid every hour! So you can reinvest your interest and compound the interest every hour!

So if you leave the coin to collect and compound interest, you will build profit fast!

Also, if you want to withdraw your coins, you can do so within an hour!

We followed this method since lockdown in March 2020 and after a year, we managed to generate $30,000 in passive income from just this coin alone! And we didn't do any extra work beyond what we have shown you in this guide.

And not only that, you can repeat this process multiple times across many different coins and generate high interest for each of them!

Altogether, across all out coins, we managed to generate well over $200,000 since March 2020!