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The $200+ Per Day Cash Machine
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How I Created My Own $200+ Cash Machine

Having pretty much been inspired by Man's Cash Machine Product, I decided to follow some of the principles and create my very own! I like being creative so I did my own spin of what Man taught so here it goes!

Affiliate Account And Choosing Products

I began by applying for an affiliate account at Warrior+, Commission Junction and Clickbank. Choose a niche that you want to sell products for. I chose the dieting and weight loss niche. When trying to find goldmine products, you have to look for the following:

  • Find products that have a high conversion rate - 20%+ is excellent!
  • Find products that have a few high priced back-end products to sell, you want customers to buy the main product and a few associated back-end products to go with it.


Next I created my own site, e.g. (not a real site)

If you don't know how to build a site, click here.

To host my site, I bought 1 year's hosting and got 30 years unlimited free - click here to get the same deal!

Next, I applied for an autoresponder account to capture my emails. I recommend AWeber - click here for your free guide to growing your business with email. 


I created a squeeze page - don't know how? Click here.

You will need to provide a free offer. For the free offer, you can either:

  • Create it yourself. I Googled a few articles relevant to dieting and weight loss, rewrote the articles into my own words and compiled them into a free PDF guide.
  • Use PLR products. PLR products are Private Label Rights, meaning the products are created by someone else but they allow you permission to freely do whatever you want with them, including selling them as if they are your own. You can have PLR's for anything, including eBooks, videos and software. If you prefer not to spend the time in creating your own software and would rather use PLR products as free gifts, then click here to access 500+ Premium PLR Products for you to do whatever you want with them!

I connect my squeeze page to my AWeber account and copy/pasted the affiliate link to weight loss product salespage into AWeber so that when visitors click to opt in and get the free guide, they also automatically get presented the sales page of my affiliate product. If yon't know how to set up AWeber with the squeeze page and affiliate link, you can find tutorials when you sign up to AWeber free for 30 days. 


I don't need to have traffic or a list in the beginning, you can simply buy them from Facebook here. You can buy clicks very cheaply for a few cents per click. I bought 100 clicks to be driven to my sales page.


After 24 hours, I checked my affiliate results and saw that I had made $237 in profit from just one campaign! The profit was mostly from visitors buying the main product with a handful also buying the more expensive backend products!

The results were amazing that I created a second one and sometimes a third one. On any given day I would have 1-3 of these little cash machines running simultaneously!

It was from learning from Man's Cash Machine product that inspired my own creation and I highly recommend that you follow my guide and click the green link below to access your own $200 a day cash machine!



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