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No need to go searching around for profitable niches, with these niches below, they have proven to be hug money makers! As a beginner, you may need to take some time to get used to things but as time goes on you will find these niches will be making you passive income in no time!

This is a goldmine for recurring revenue! You can easily find affiliate programs for plenty different poker sites and help drive traffic to those sites. Examples include Pokerstars, America’s Card Room, PKR, iPoker networks. A simple Google search will return 100’s of poker sites, each with their own affiliate program. An affiliate program typically pays out 30% commissions every month and some will even pay up to 87%! Your monthly pay outs will get higher if the person you refer begins to play higher stakes. I’ve had players referred to sites that began playing $10 stakes then moving up to $1,000 stakes within a couple months and with that, my commissions grow along with it! The beauty is that you can sign up to every single poker site and each site becomes you personal monthly cash machine!

You can also do that same with casino games such as Blackjack and roulette. Sites like Betstars, Betfair, Unibet, William Hill and Ladbrokes all offer casino games. All these sites I mentioned offer both poker and casino games so imagine making double commissions on each site!

Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Sports have become massive over the past few years with Draft Kings being one of the biggest names. You will also find others in Google. Fantasy sports commissions offer a similar commission structure as poker and casino.

Poker Training Sites
Not only can you make money driving visitors to poker sites, many of them also want to learn to play and make regular money playing it. Just like there are plenty of poker sites, there are also plenty of poker training sites, each typically pay around 30% per subscriber per month! Examples of training sites are Deuces Cracked and CardRunners.

Relationship Advice
This is big money! You can usually get around 20% to 100% on front end products but if your visitors manage to sign up to high end or personal coaching programs, you can typically expect 30% commission. A typical high end or personal program can be as low as $200 to even $5,000+!

There are different sub niches to get into and each has a coach or program that specialises in that niche: pick up artistry, how to get a girlfriend, how to maintain your relationship, and how to end a relationship etc.

Personal Development
This is the niche that made Tony Robbins famous! Similar to the above, there are many sub niches to explore, each with their own specialized coach and program: anger management, stress management, time management, finance management, addiction, how to get along with family, friends and colleagues, how to develop EQ etc.

I have seen massive success with these niches and I believe they can also work for you! All you have to do is research and write some articles relating to the niches you decided to pick and follow the guide in the Facebook+Google Profit Power Couple.

Not only will you be able to write articles about these niches and sell products based on them and the trust you have build with your audience, eventually you may want to be a coach yourself! It's not as hard as you think, once you have spent enough time with your niche and its audience, things become second nature to you and just by knowing even a little bit more than your audience, you will be ahead of the curve and they will pay you big money to know what you know!

As well as dominating niches on Facebook and Google, I also dominate niches on YouTube. With millions of viewers per day on YouTube, it is also a massive goldmine for me to generate extra passive income. When I first started utilizing YouTube, it took me around a 5 days to work out how to find profitable keywords and niches. I was then fortunate enough to know the right people and be given access to use a special tool (previously only available to a few people) to help me look for money magnet keywords and niches. What previously took a 5 days researching on YouTube now takes me 30 mins!

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