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Now we have set up our eBay store and we're leveraging and extracting value from existing eBay traffic, it's now time to look at external sources to increase our customer base. And what better way to source new customers than on Facebook?

Facebook already has several inbuilt communities of whatever niche you can think of and the trick is to a) find your relevant community, and b) know how to be on the same level as them.

I have done this strategy many times with many niches I have used to sell products on eBay and now I will reveal and mention three of them so that you can better understand how I apply this strategy and follow this yourself.

For the purposes of better understanding, I shall apply this to the gym equipment, mixed martial arts (MMA) and ravers niche.

Your Facebook Page

Everything starts with your Facebook page! I would highly recommend you create a FB page for each niche. So here I would create 3 pages, each for gym equipment, MMA and ravers. Creating a page is extremely simple and only takes a couple of hours to have a nice page set up if you've never done one before.

If you don't know how to approach it, simply search for existing pages in your niche. So I would search existing FB pages for gym equipment, MMA and ravers, look at which ones are the most popular that has the most content, likes and comments, then follow a similar style and layout to them.

If doesn't matter if you copy their similar style and layout, and it doesn't matter if they have a massive following and you're starting from scratch. You're not directly competing with them, you're simply looking to make your page as presentable as possible. But do make sure you're not copying them exactly!

When you are creating your page, it is essential that you have a logo and banner in place so that it looks as presentable and inviting as possible you can make. 

You can create logos and banners using the free option. I suggest using:

Or if you want to save time and don't mind paying a small fee for an awesome logo and banner to be created for you, simply email: and provide the following details.

  • Your brand name
  • Ideas you want your logo and banner to look like 
  • Examples (provide links if you have it) of logos, banners, graphics and fonts that you want your designs to be based on
  • Links to your eBay store, website, FB page (if you have it)

We are happy to provide revisions to get your logos and banners to the way you like it, however we cannot provide unlimited revisions, so please be as specific and detailed as possible with your ideas and provide as much materials and resources as you can.

Posting Content

You want to be mixing up your content with your products and informative/entertaining material. Clearly the idea is to convert your audience into paying customers but you need to lay the foundations of a following before they even consider buying from you. No-one likes to be sold straight away and no-one likes to always be sold.

So your content needs to be broken down into 3 categories:

a) Entertaining - these can be memes, stories and funny videos. The idea here is that entertaining content gets an audience coming back for more. Studies have shown that funny and entertaining content has a higher audience/customer retention rate than sad or informative content. Clearly you want your audience to regularly visit your page so that they are more likely to buy from you time and time again rather than have someone visit once and never return!

So when it comes to memes, I would Google and search for ones that I find the funniest and post them to my page. I would also search on YouTube for "gym fails", "gym funny videos", "mma knockouts", "best mma", "best raver dancer", "rave music" etc.

b) Informative - you need to offer something that people can learn from and use because again you need to give your audience a reason for them to return to your page regularly, so that it increases the chances for them to convert into paying customers. If you post informative content and people learn and see progress, then will come back and see what else they can learn from your page.

For example, I would search and post YouTube videos on "how to build muscles using only dumbbells", "the best gym equipment for losing weight", "door gym review", "how to increase punch speed", "fighting a bigger opponent" "best mma gloves for sparring", "how to rave dance" and "rave fashion tutorial" etc.

c) Products - this is where you post links of your eBay product pages onto your Facebook page. If you mix up this content with the above then your audience would be more open to buying from you. What I like to do is have my content as close to my products as possible so that it feels natural.

For example, if I am posting a door gym product on my page, I would also post door gym review videos and articles on the benefits of doing pull ups. If I am selling MMA gloves, I would post a video of a celebrity wearing it and videos/articles of the importance of chosing the right glove and taking care of your hands when sparring. If I am selling rave glasses, I would also post articles on the best quality glasses for serious ravers. 

Make sure you add content regularly and your followers will become loyal to you.

Finding Your Audience And Customers

As mentioned above, Facebook has a community for any niche and the key secret to accessing these communities is through FB groups. Groups already have an inbuilt community where everyone wants to share their interest in the niche.

Here we can leverage their interest and convert them into paying customers. I stress that the group isn't the place to sell your products that is what your FB page is for. Your job is to build trust with the group members so that they will follow you and end up on your FB page.

How do you build trust?

Two ways: answering questions and sharing content!

Everyone will have questions and your job is to always be the support and answer. Even if you don't know the answer, a quick Google search is all you need - trust me!

When posting content, you can post the same content you used on your own FB page. On some content you post, include a link for your FB page and encourage the members to visit. Do this for some, not all of your content. That way, you are not overly promoting your page and you've not sold anything directly. When they land on your own page, they will see tons of other content including your products!

When you contribute regularly to a group, the members will eventually see that you are there to add value and so will be more trusting of you. Even after a month, they will trust you more and be more open to offers!

If you've executed the above correctly, you should be able to leverage your FB following and lead them directly to your eBay product pages, leading to increased sales time and time again!

By following these exact steps I've laid out for you, I've been able to sell more gym equipment, MMA attire and rave wear! At the time of this writing, I am still making passive sales every month, even if I don't post content for a while.

Now go and follow these simple steps yourself!

Rockstar Tips

1) After some time when you have built enough trust, send a friend request because then you would have retained a potential long term customer that would repeatedly buy from you!

2) Don't be afraid to private message people because they will be open to communicate with you once they see you offer a lot of value. When they become open to your direct communicate, you can suggest products they can buy. At this stage, some people prefer direct suggestions because the sell we be more personal to them!