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Although it is relatively simple to gain free and unlimited traffic as explained in the Twitter and Facebook Traffic Team, if I was asked the "gun to my head" question of which is the trickier of the two, I would say Facebook conversions is trickier. Now don't confuse "trickier" with "difficult" because it is not; the reason for this is that with Twitter, you can gain followers with your eyes closed if you follow my case study (ok maybe not with your eyes closed but you know what I mean!). With Facebook, although it is simple and results can be seen in a short amount of time as explained in the case study, there are plenty of room for improvement to speed up the process and make life for you even easier!

How Can I Make It Easier For You To Convert Twitter Followers Into Facebook Followers?

The answer is:

  1. Explaining to you what to offer your follower and how to get that offer in the most efficient way.
  2. Provide you with my Facebook message template that gave me a Twitter to Facebook follower conversion rate of at least 67% - no need to guess or experiment what to write!

The Value Of The Offer

You should already be aware that in order to ask for something you need to offer something yourself first. In this case, you want your Twitter follower to become your Facebook follower so that he will be exposed to Facebook page and in turn, your website, product or offer. Your offer must be attractive and interesting enough for them to be happy to do whatever you want them to do, i.e. like your page and become your follower.

Going back to the weight loss niche, clearly any follower will be interested in losing weight and so any guide, information, blueprint or "how to" on weight loss will be very attractive to such follower.

Two things to bear in mind, 1) the offer must be of value that helps with weight loss, meaning it's something that can be applied and potential results can be seen and 2) "Value" does not mean "a lot". Plenty of people make the mistake of thinking "value" means offering a 378 page eBook or 2 hour video. Value can be a simple 1 sided page, 5 minute video or a short email, as long as what is provided satisfies point 1); value does not equate to "length". Don't waste time creating an overly long offer.

What To Offer

An offer can be an article, email, video or 1-1 personal call - however you wish to provide the information. With the weight loss example, I can provide:

  • 5 top healthy foods to lose weight fast;
  • The best time in the day to lose weight;
  • 5 of the best exercises to burn fat fast;
  • 5 reasons why you are not losing weight;
  • How much weight loss is healthy;
  • 5 habits to cut from your lifestyle

How To Create These Offers

Method 1

Information on these tips can be easily acquired with a simple browse on Google and YouTube. Simply restructure the information in your own words to form short and snappy tips. From research to writing the offer in short snappy tips, it takes me no longer than 20-30 minutes but if you are just starting out, you can take an hour. If it takes you 2 hours or longer, you are spending too much time that is not required!

For those of you that are more creative, you can make a 5 minute video of these tips. If you wish to do 1-1 calls, 10 minutes is fine.

Method 2

If you do not wish to create offers yourself, I highly recommend you visit www.fiverr.com where you can find people who will do almost anything for $5!

You can find someone to write articles, emails or make videos for you on a tiny budget!

Offer Delivery

You can either attach your offer to your FB or provide a link depending on how you decide to make your offer accessible.

The Facebook Message

This makes ALL the difference in how well you convert your Twitter followers into Facebook followers. As long as you already have relevant content on your Twitter and Facebook that satisfies the needs of the niche, it shouldn't be too difficult. However, a well written FB message is what makes the difference in converting the portion of Twitter that wouldn't otherwise convert with a lesser quality message.

As explained in the case study, I managed to get 46% conversion, because I have experience in writing messages. However, I have since refined my messages even further and now I am able to achieve 67% conversion. That extra 21% boost in conversion meant I made an extra $2,209 in that month and continue to make an extra $2,000 to $2,500 in addition to my $8,000+ every month!

Who wouldn't like to boost their conversion by 21%? And who wouldn't like to make at least an extra $2,000+ every month to their already existing $8,000+ a month? 

That being said, don't mistake "well written" with complex. In fact, I had simplified my message in order to achieve this 21% boost. It was clear, concise and to the point with a call to action.

Luckily, you won't have to come up with your own message because I have provided the same template I used to achieve my 21% conversion boost. You can simply copy/paste and change the details to suitable your own niche and audience. I'm even going to provide a short break why it works so well.

Message Template

Hey [Name]

This is [Your Name], I want to personally thank you for joining my [Your Twitter group name] Twitter group! I understand you want [what does your follower want? E.g. learn the best ways to lose weight or burn muscle fast], so I'm reaching out to you to give you this free [article I had written or video that I made] that I think would help you out. I also have a Facebook page for you to like and follow. I have some awesome content there and will continue to post more that would help [your niche]. I enjoy helping you guys out so feel free to message me with any questions concerning [e.g. weight loss] and I'll be happy to answer!

[Your Name]

[Your FB page link]

Message Breakdown

The reason why this works well for me is because:

  1. You start off by thanking him for joining your Twitter group and you add "personally" to it to make it more personal between you and your follower;
  2. You've addressed his need, i.e. I understand you want [whatever need the niche provides], so you've gotten straight to the point and showed him you've recognized that need;
  3. You've followed that up by providing him a free solution [your offer] to fulfill that need;
  4. You've provided him a call to action to like and follow your FB page. You let him know you already have relevant content and will continue to post in order to encourage repeat visits;
  5. You allow him to contact you with questions. This comes across to your follower that you are serious in your niche and helping them. This builds trust and over time, they will come to you for advice/information and will listen to you and buy from you.