5 Steps To High Price Success
(Free Version)

How We Are Going To Achieve High Price Success

We are going to build websites for our customers. Why? Because websites is a huge market. Millions upon millions of businesses have websites yet very few have good websites. 90% of all web owners have terrible sites and that is a need we are going to take advantage of. The thing is, web owners do not realize they have a need and our job is to make them realize that.

5 Steps To High Price Success

This is broken down as follows:

  1. Pick your niche
  2. Make a list of customers
  3. Email & provide website analysis
  4. Build or fix their website
  5. Profit!

Things You Don't Need

I've designed this to be so simple that you do not need to have any experience or knowledge in web design whatsoever! 

This does not have to be super complicated, as you will see just how simple it really is!

Applying The Steps

To make these steps easy to understand, I will explain this as a case study on how I actually accomplished these steps myself.

For this free version, you are going to learn the first 2 steps plus part of the third step in getting your clients interested in paying for your services. Follow carefully!

Pick Your Niche 

The world is your oyster so you are never short of options. You can literally pick anything. I chose the locksmith niche as it is easy to start with and there's no shortage of them.

Make A List Of Customers

You'll need to search and make of list customers you will be contacting. I searched on Google and Yelp to look for a bunch of locksmiths in my area but they can be based anywhere, it won't matter.

What I'm looking for are locksmiths with badly designed websites. What comes across as a bad website is down to your judgement and once you've seen several of them, then you'll get an idea of what is good or bad web site.  

Email & Provide Website Analysis

Once you have your list, pick a bad website from that list and create a website analysis report. Don't worry, you won't have to do this yourself, there's two options you can choose:

  1. Join web design groups on Facebook, get to know the members there and ask if they can help do the analysis for you; or
  2. Contact us (email: grindworks@ymail.com) and we can do the analysis as a written or video report for you (only for $10-$25)

Once you have your analysis, you are now ready to contact your customer list and start making sales.

Be sure to pick up the full version of 5 Steps To High Price Success, where you will learn the rest of the 5 steps, including how to email your customers to get them interested in buying from you (we even include our own email template proven to convert your list into interested customers!) and how we structure the payments so that you don't lose out on sales and customers are comfortable paying your high prices without feeling pressure or objection. 

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