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I will break down each lesson as follows:

  • The lesson - I will teach you the fundamental lesson I learned in my journey to achieve success
  • My example - I will provide you an example from my own experience to help illustrate the importance and how I applied the lesson into my journey
  • Your task - I will set you out a task so that you can learn to apply this in your journey. I believe that simply reading and learning something isn't enough. The real achievement is to make a habit of applying them into your own journey and these task will help you to do just that!

1. Problems over ideas

Everyone that wants to become a millionaire, achieve financial freedom or start a business etc making the mistake of thinking "I need an idea", then they sit there for hours trying to come up with that "brilliant idea"! The best ideas come from problems. The key is to identify problems particularly, your own problems. The your brilliant idea is to come up with a solution that solves those problems.

My examples:

  • In the past, I wanted to invest in real estate but knew nothing about real estate or investment. So I learned everything I can about those subjects (from Google, YouTube and speaking with property experts) and began investing myself. But I also knew that many people shared my problems, they wanted to invest but had no idea where to begin. So I started offering my own advice and experience as a service
  • I had friends and colleagues that loved perfume and cologne but always complained of paying high prices for the best brands. So I identified wholesalers and stockists of those brands and sold them for 30-40% below retail value
  • As a fan and collector of watches, I wanted to be able to purchase rare and collector's item models, as well as buy and sell watches with other watch enthusiasts at a good price. But I wasn't able to find anywhere to do that or discuss watches. So I created my own exclusive subscription-based watch community and marketplace that started on Facebook, where watch enthusiasts pay a monthly fee to join and discuss rare watches as well as buy and sell. That community and marketplace grew and now has it's own domain. Members love it because it's exclusive and invite only!

Your task:

Make a list of all the problems you have in life and your day-to-day activities. It doesn't matter if those problems are big or small - write them all down! No ideas can come without identifying problems. Even if the problems you write down mean nothing today, at some point you will look back on your list and an idea for a solution will come to mind when you least expect it.

2. Write everything down!

Your brain is very powerful but it has limited space to store information. Most of the time we stress or worry because we fill our heads with some much information (a lot of it less important) that we either have no room for the big important information or they disappear quickly! If you have to worry about something, best focus your mind on the important stuff and write the rest down so you don't fill your head with unnecessary information. Also, when you write everything down, ideas can begin to form when you least expect it! Information you write down may not mean much when you write it but can make more sense later on!

My example:

  • Last year, I filled an A4 sheet of paper with random notes. One sentence said "do watches everyday". A few months later I wrote other notes down contain another sentence "write eBook on new topic". After reading my notebook, I had the idea of write a new eBook on choosing the right watches for formal occasions and everyday wear.

Your task:

Whatever you use to write things down, e.g. notepad, smartphone or tablet etc, keep it close to you at all times! Assign different sections, documents or files for your notes. E.g. "Important thoughts", "Tasks" and "Reminders". Anything that comes into your head, write it all down. You want to empty your mind as much as possible so your mind isn't filled with anything valuable that can disappear shortly or frustrating thoughts or tasks that can cause stress. You want your mind to always have room for ideas!

3. Knowledge, people and experience are power

We live in an age where it is almost impossible not to know anything! Whatever we want to know, we can get that information easily. With Google, YouTube and Facebook etc, we have access to almost any information and any person we desire. So if you want to know anything, simply do a search on that information and the people already experienced doing it. Learn everything you can about it and everyone in it.

My example:

  • Years ago I knew nothing about investing in stocks but I wanted to learn to make money from it. So I read and watched everything I can about it and contacted everybody I could on Facebook that was experienced in investing in stocks and became good friends with them. I started to do small trades and investments and always asked people questions. Over time, I got used to how to do it and became more experienced. Pretty soon I became good and made a lot of money from investments!

Your task:

Pick something you want to learn. Google and YouTube as many articles, blogs, videos and groups as you can. Read and watch everything about it. Search for the people that already have knowledge and experience on this subject on Facebook or Twitter. Follow them, add them and get to know them. 

4. Get paid beyond 9 to 5

Aside from the few that work long hours or do night shifts, most people work 9 to 5 and get paid for those times only. A millionaire works on how to get paid at ANY time, whether or not they are working at that time. This is called passive income. You want to ensure that you are getting paid whether you are working or not.

My examples;

  • Throughout the day, every day, I make sales from my book I published on Amazon and I make sales from the watches I trade on eBay, other eCommerce sites, as well as my own watch store. I make these sales in the day time and at night when I am asleep
  • I also make revenue throughout the day and night from Google AdSense. When visitors come to my websites and click on my ads I receive revenue from Google.

Your task:

Decide what you can do that can make you money at any time of the day or night. Examples can be eBook, blog sites, videos, selling products etc. If you want to learn to do any of these things, refer to point 3 above.

5. Focus on consistency 

Consistency is the key to success. There is no excuse for not being consistent even if you have "no time". You will be surprised on how much you can achieve with consistency. Most people do make a start or progression because they procrastinate. And they procrastinate because the work seems to much to do. Being consistent at doing little is better than not doing it at all.

My example:

  • I wanted to write an eBook but thought I had "no time". But rather than put it off and procrastinate, I spent 15 mins at least 5 days a week to write it. And I finished after 7 months. Had I procrastinated and put it off, I probably would have waited a year to write it

Your task:

Identify how much time you have each day to focus on what you want. Can be 12 hours, 5 hours, 1 hour, 30 mins or even 10 mins per day. Make sure that you dedicate that same amount of time each day (even at least 10 mins), if not, at least 5 times a week. Even if you do 10 mins each time, remember, 10 mins per day is a lot better than procrastinating and not doing it at all! You want to get into the habit of doing something towards your goal consistently!

6. Any business can be done

Unless you're medically or scientifically qualified, you're not going to be starting a medical practice or pharmaceutical company anytime soon but aside from those highly qualified professions, you can make money or start a business on anything! However you want to make money and whatever product or service you are looking to sell, it's a matter of learning it and getting to know the right people who are already experienced in it!

  • See point 3 above for my example and your task

7. Get inspired

The best inspiration comes from people you meet. Some of the best ideas I've had had come from chance meetings I've had with people. Your best ideas may also come from people you will meet. Go out as much as you can to networking events, functions etc. They will not only inspire you but they will keep you inspired as you progress in your journey.

My example:

  • I was at a networking event over a year ago and began speaking to a few real estate experts and they explained to me how to consistently acquire real estate for 30% below market value. I was so inspired by their advice and passion for the industry that I followed their advice which helped me tremendously!
  • I was at a marketing event in the past and had the pleasure of discussing with a speaker who explained to me the merits of using Instagram and Snapchat for marketing my luxury goods. I was inspired by his advice and incorporated them into my campaign. My sales increased within two weeks!

Your task:

Whatever you want to do, e.g. digital marketing, attend as many digital marketing events as you can and get to know as many people there that share you share passion. If no events are in your area, simply join Facebook groups on digital marketing, get to know its member and invite the ones closest to you out for a coffee and get to know them in person. If you have no clue what passion to pursue, simply go out and attend as many events as you can. You may become inspired by someone's passion on a particular area.

8. Don't do this all by yourself

The worst mistake you can make is try to take on everything yourself! No one can do anything big by themselves, you need to surround yourself with good people. This will take a while but it will be worth your time and the best investment you can make! When you build people around you, make sure you know why you need them.

My example:

  • When I started my businesses, I knew I couldn't do this all on my own so I started off having a mentor that I can learn from and discuss my problems with. A business partner with the same idea as me who can assist me with the most important jobs. And a PA who can handle all of the time-consuming day-to-day work, e.g. sending out letters, responding to emails, creating lists etc

Your task:

Identify you strengths and weaknesses and find people that share your interests that can fill your weaknesses. E.g. if you want to do digital marketing and are good with people but not good with designing websites or marketing campaigns, find someone who is experienced in design to be your business partner, or vice versa if you are good at designing but not good at selling to people. Finding mentors, business partners and the rest of your team is about getting to know people, this is why you need to follow points 3 and 7 above in order to build the best team possible. If you need to find good PA's for simple tasks, you can visit Upwork or recruit interns.

9. Identify and invest in value

Value is very subjective but simply put, it is something that makes/saves money or makes/saves time. Make sure that any time or money you spend is invested in value.

My examples:

  • I am not a car enthusiast and so I opted to purchase a reasonably-priced car rather than an overly expensive sports car, even though I had the money to do it. I simply needed a car to drive from point A to B and to save me time travelling on the trains. The reasonably priced car does that job exactly. The sports car is too excessive for what I need so most of the money I will spend will end up wasted
  • Rather than buy an average smartphone, I bought the latest and most expensive smartphone available. Why? Because I work and run my businesses from my phone everyday so it was worth me paying more money for a phone that does everything I need and that I will use everyday
  • Years ago, I had a choice to spend my $3,000 on a luxury watch or invest in low risk shares. I opted to invest in the shares because I will only wear the watch occasionally and it will increase very little in value. Low risk shares tend to make money long term and after several years I still continue to make money from that investment!

Your task:

Look at all the current products and services you have already paid for and will continue to pay for. Identify which ones are necessary and unnecessary expenses. Necessary expenses are expenses that allow you to live, eat, to do your job and make money. Keep those expenses and remove the other expenses from your life. Stop spending money on things you don't need or will not make you money.

10. Create multiple income streams

Do not just rely on one income stream, create several. All millionaires and success entrepreneurs ensure that they have multiple income streams to increase their revenue as well as to keep making money in case they lose their job or if one of their income streams stop working

  • I've personally created income streams from real estate, stocks, book sales, luxury goods, affiliate marketing and ad revenue. If one of them stop working, I still have the other streams to keep me going

Your task:

Start off by try to create 2 income streams, then once you have mastered them, add another stream, then another, then another, then another and so on. The 2 income streams can be related or unrelated, e.g. income streams from creating Facebook ad campaigns and Twitter ad campaigns or income streams from creating a fashion blog and nutrition eBook. Or simply keep your job and work on building additional income stream so you get paid for 9 to 5 and you get paid at night while you sleep.

11. Learn from everything

I believe that not succeeding is not the same as failing. Setting a goal and not succeeding is not a failure. If you don't succeed, try again. The real failure is stopping completely. Millionaires and the best in the industry have experienced non-successes more than anyone else, but they also try again. Success is made of experience and experience includes a mixture of successes and non-successes. Someone that has never experienced non-success is someone that doesn't have much experience. Learn everything! You can learn from success but it's more important to learn from non-success so you know what went wrong and correct it for next time.

  • When I knew nothing about selling luxury products, I tried many times and tried many things but had little success. I kept trying different strategies and learning different techniques until I was able to make a few sales. I looked carefully why some strategies were making sales and others did not. So I simply increased the strategies that worked and removed the ones that didn't. Eventually I was able to make huge sales on a consistent basis!

Your task:

Simply put, never give up. Regardless whether something is done right or wrong, try to identify why it work or didn't work and make it better. E.g. if you created a Facebook ad campaign that brought in $1,000 sales, identify why it worked and improve to bring in $2,000 next time. Or if the campaign brought $0, figure out why. Was it the image, text or timing etc? Experiment, adjust and try again until you get $100 next time. Then adjust further to get $500. The keep adjusting until you get the desired result. If you're not sure what is right or wrong, ask someone who is much more experienced than yourself.

12. Read more

Your brain is your most important tool so it is crucial that you keep it in top shape. The best way to do that is to read! Simply reading books, including novels and textbooks etc is a fantastic way to exercise your brain. If you want to achieve, you need your brain healthy and active to do it. For this you don't have to just read about business or making money etc, spend some time to read your favourite books, any biography or novel you want. Reading novels also exercises creativity which helps yo to can up with ideas. It also prevent procrastination or mental fatigue.

My example:

  • I read all kinds of books almost everyday. When I started making a habit of reading, I was able to process information a lot faster, come up with business ideas and solutions to my problems. They also inspired me to look at things from different perspectives and I found that I get more work done because I procrastinated less.

Your task:

Make a habit of reading books. Read you current books, go to the library or purchase a few from Amazon. Buy any books you want and simply read. Try to make a habit of reading proper full size books and not simply articles or blogs on the computer. Ideally try to read everyday or at least 4-5 times a week and you will see a massive difference after a month!




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