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High Paying Client Case Study

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The High Paying Client Case Study

Before we begin, please be aware that due to the working relationship I have with my clients, I have kept their identities and some of the resources confidential as per our professional agreement. 

Listing Of And Selection Of Professional Clients

I started by making a list of professions that will make high paying clients. I have targeted and built relationships with several clients of different professions on my list but in this case study I will discuss my accountancy clients.

Accountants and accounting firms were one of the top of my list because:

  1. There are accountants for different types of industries;
  2. There are different types of accountants for a particular industry;
  3. There are freelance accountants and accountancy firms; and
  4. There are different levels and sizes of accountants and accountancy firms

Even with a single general profession like accountancy, I was able to break down the different types as listed above. With such a wide variety, I was able to decide on whatever niche I wanted to go in first. I therefore settled on targeting:

Local SME accountant firms and freelance accountants that service local businesses and freelancers.


I wanted to target accountants that understand their own clients. Local accountant firms will understand the functions and need of local business and freelance accountants will understand freelancers. Where you come in is that these same accountants also will not understand marketing and branding. You need accountancy clients that are extremely competent and focus in their profession, but also understand the need as a business to market. The last thing you need is resistance from a client to take up your service. The better understand the client, the easier you job is to acquire their business.

Now be aware at this point, I know nothing about accountancy! A lot of the material can be researched however -  Google is your friend!


"Research" is such a dreaded word but must be done I'm afraid if you want to be an entrepreneur!

You need to access Google Keyword Planner to look up the least competitive keywords. I made a list and typed words like:

  • "medium size accountants in [your area]"
  • "freelance accountants in [your area]"
  • "tax accountants in [your area]"
  • "accountants for local businesses in [your area]"
  • "accountants for local freelancers in [your area]"
  • "financial planners in [your area]"
  • "local business wealth managers in [your area]"

The list went on and on. "Your area" can be your state, city, town or street. You don't have to put your area but it helps to narrow it down. I like to have have words that has less than 5,000 - 10,000 search results, the lower the better because it means I can compete for it easily.

I settle for words that have:

  • SME
  • Medium size
  • Accountants in [my local area]
  • Freelancers
  • Local businesses

These are the words I will be having in my campaign and I make sure I will be promoting phrases containing these words.

Services Provided

From here, I have split my business into two parts:

  1. Lead capturing; and
  2. Account managing/client relations

There are overlaps between the two but for simplicity sake I have split them into two services.

Lead Capturing

This involves building yourself a website. A simple Wordpress website will do. Click here if you don't know how to build one. You will need a web host for your website - click here to buy 1 year's web hosting and get 30 years FREE!

The domain name doesn't matter so much but you can pick something like:

  • accountancyadviceforlocalbusinessesin[your area].com
  • [you area]
  • [your area]

The domain length doesn't matter as long as it targets your niche and it can be .com .net .info etc.

The website needs to look professional so I hire some freelancers from to do logos and banners.

I then wrote and posted articles relevant to my niche such as:

  • 10 Reasons Why Local Businesses Need Accountants
  • How Changes In Tax Regulations Can Affect Local Businesses
  • Upcoming Changes In Tax Regulations And Its Effect On Businesses and Freelancers
  • How To Choose The Right Accountants For Freelancers And Local Businesses
  • Why You Should Switch Accountants
  • Important Points To Know About Your Tax Returns

Do I know anything about these topics? Of course not! I Googled these topics and compiled articles in my own words. To minimize any risk, I have fine print either in footer of article or on my site of the source of information and I include a disclaimer that I am not an accounting firm but this is a collection of information taken from other sources. I also include a contact form asking visitors to leave their name, email and details should they require more information - this is the lead capture 1.

I also Googled for local businesses in my area, checked out their website and emailed the owners extracts of my articles with a link to my site - this is lead capture 2.

Once you have captured the lead, you need to maintain that relationship so you are always providing useful information to the leads without them having to always visit your site. I like to use email list building - Click here to access the FREE guide to Growing Your Business With Email.

The Leads

Within a few weeks I had people sending me messages wanting to know more about the information I had posted, including about tax and regulation advice, and which accountants should they switch to. Some of these leads came from Google and some replied to my emails.

I Googled and contacted the local accountancy firms in my area and told them I had a list of leads that I will be happy to pass to them. I did this in several ways:

  1. Either pass them a lead for fee;
  2. Pass 1-2 leads for free on the condition of them retaining you to provide account managing services for them; or
  3. Sell them your site since now it get regular leads

Some accountants I've sold leads for $200 to $1,000 each, sometimes more. Some accountants I've sold my site for $15,000 to $70,000 depending on the size of the firm and the worth and amount of the leads.

Account Managing/Client Relations

For some accountancy firms I solely provided this service and for some others and provided both but I started provided this only after I proved I could capture leads. This service involves looking after your clients' entire client portfolio and managing day-to-day relations, including sending news letters of information that is relevant to their business and reminders of things they need to be aware of. The idea is to maintain the relationship between your client and theirs, taking the stress off client maintenance for them. The fee you can charge again depends greatly on the size of your client. On any given project I could be handling 4 medium sized clients' portfolios a day, charging $1,500+ each client per day! How I do it? A combination of video conferencing and email correspondence. Even email does not take long. You can spend 8-10 hours in one day, writing a month's worth of emails and set them to automatically send at different times/day - this saves 70% of the time spent writing individual emails to clients. The rest of the time can be spent video conferencing and writing unique replies. Click here to save yourself time and access the email autoresponder - FREE for 30 days!


Beave is to offer something exclusive or private. Exclusivity works wonders in strengthening trust in a relationship. I do this by giving a select few access to a my private website that is full of FREE information useful to my followers. The valuable thing to take away here is that once you have a large following, you should be able to identify your most loyal followers. I would offer recommendations and products that would be unavailable to new followers because it's the longer and more established followers that is the lifeblood of my business.

I cannot stress the value of having your own website and email audience, as it is your own personal platform and megaphone for having YOUR voice heard - and that is the SECRET to your first $100 and beyond that building wealth and financial freedom. If you don't already have them then I HIGHLY recommend you get them set up!

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Now that you have the map, you should be able to apply this and make your first $100. Once you have made your first $100, repeat the process and make $200, then $400, then $800 and so on. I have applied this map several times and have created case studies so that you can see how I personally did this with my own niches.

I'm excited to share with you two real life case studies and how I applied my own map to make my first $100 in those niches and repeated the process to make more!

In fact, to make things EASIER FOR YOU, you can go ahead can STEAL my niches for yourself!

Find out how I applied this map to specific niches such stand up comedy/blogging!

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