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Picking Your Niche

If you have a page of 0 followers then you will need to first decide on your niche and then your subniche.

A mistake most people make when they want to grow their page to 100,000 followers is creating a personal page about themselves. Unless you are a big celebrity or athlete, no-one is going to follow you unless they are a friend or family.

To truly grow you page to over 100,000 followers, you need to focus your page on a subniche.

So before you do anything else, decide your niche and subniche.

So for niche, you might pick running. But simply having a niche will be too broad. We want to attract people who will be dedicated to follow us, so now you need to pick a subniche. For our subniche, you might want to pick marathon runners, in other words, people who are training for a marathon or just enjoy long distance running in general.

Another important thing to decide when pick your subniche is that if you areable to monetize your followers. In the case of marathon runners the answer is yes because there are a lot of products that you can sell to marathon runners, including running shoes, tight running clothes, water bottles etc. If you subniche does not contain enough items to sell then simply pick a different subniche.

Adding Content

If you want people to follow you then you cannot simply have an empty page. You must make sure that you have the type of content that make people want to follow you. Also if you want to build followers quickly then you have to make sure that you have viral content. now there is no need for you to create viral content yourself if you don't want. You can simply repost other peoples content. So if you were to build a page for marathon runners, you would search on Instagram existing pages for marathon runners, Make sure to focus on the biggest pages with the most followers. Now spend the time to go through their content to find images and videos that have over 10,000 views, these are the most viral content. Repost these types of content to your page. If you are searching multiple profiles and cannot find these types of viral content then perhaps your niche is wrong and will be unable to generate a large following, in which case, simply pick another niche. There will be some trial and error at this stage.

We recommend finding 30 viral images and videos to repost on your page. Your page needs to look busy and have people engage with it otherwise they will click off very quickly!

From 0 To 1,000 Followers

Going from 0 to 1,000 followers is actually the hardest part. Going from 1,000 followers to 10,000 followers is actually much easier and quicker but you must get your first 1,000.

Start with the "follow for follow method". This means visiting pages bigger than yours and following people who like the content. So if we were to visit the biggest marathon pages, we would see which content has the most engagement in terms of likes and comments and we would start following the people who liked and commented on those content. Eventually those that you follow are likely to follow you back because they would check out your content and see that you are also reposting content that they like. Keep doing this until you reach 1,000 followers.

Engagement And Growing Your Followers

If you want to grow your followers quickly then you need to spend the time to engage with your followers. This includes:

  • Asking questions on your posts
  • Asking your followers to tag their followers
  • Responding to your followers comments
  • Liking and commenting on your followers last 5 posts
  • DM them to start conversations¬†

The idea is that the engaged you are, the more likely Instagram will put your post on the explore page. We want to appear on the explore page because the longer and more often our posts appear there, the more engagement and followers we will have. Being on the explore page would accelerate your growth and you will find the amount of followers you get per day will increasing very fast! The more you engage and the more content you add, then the more often you will appear on the explore page!

Follower Growth Tips

  • Post content during the weekdays around lunch. This is when people are most likely to be on their phones. If you post later in the day or weekends, people are less likely to engage because they are either working orbusy during the weekends
  • Post content at least 5 days a weeks. The more you post, the more engagement you are likely to get. Those that post very often will get the most engagement. You should be aiming to post 5 times a day, 7 days a week, but we understand that not everyone would have the time to post so often, so try do do one post a day, 5 days a week
  • Always comment, respond and ask questions. You followers always like to know that there is a human present and not some robot managing the page. Followers like a personal interaction

Rinse And Repeat

If you follow all the above steps and rinse and repeat you will find your followers growing very fast. Instagram likes pages that have a lot of interaction with their followers. The more you engage, the more Instagram would promote you, making your page grow even more. And if you are dedicated, you can grow your page to over 100,000 followers very quickly!

Making Money

Congratulations! You now have 100,000 followers! So now we can consider to monetize our page. You can do this in several ways

  1. You can sell shout outs where you are promoting other peeples' brands. In your journey to building your 100,000 followers, you will be contacted by other pages asking you to promote their brand. The more followers you have, the more brands that will contact you and the higher they are willing to pay you. An alternative would be to find other brands and see if they are interested in having their products or services promoted on your page. So if your page if focused on marathon runners, you would look to contact sports brand on Instagram, preferably those that produce sportswear and accessories for marathon runners. If you have 100k followers, you are likely to find brands that are willing to pay you for shout outs
  2. You can sell your own products. So here you can consider building own your online store and promote your own items on your page. So we would be looking to build an online store that sells sportswear for mara thin runners. We have included a video on how to build an online store below
  3. You can consider selling other peoples' items. The easiest way to do this is becoming an Amazon affiliate and selling items from Amazon. This is the easiest option. Simply apply to become an Amazon affiliate, pick products that would be appropriate for yout followers and post content on that product. We have included a video on Amazon affiliate below

A tip when selling products on your page - make sure to follow the 80/20 rule, so only post 1 advertisement for every 4 regular posts because you don't want to spam your page with just advertisements otherwise this would put off your followers and make them unfollow you. It's ok to post advertisements as people would expect this from a page of 100k followers but make sure to do this in moderation!

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