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Case Study: Rachel Abbott, aged 23

"I began using Laptop Lifestyle a few months ago because I knew I didn't want to simply get a job and work for someone else. I wanted to be able to not only work for myself but also work from anywhere because I liked to travel. I'm happy to say that after following the course step-by-step, I was able to see results fairly quickly!

I learned how to find high-ticket clients that could afford high prices and how to deliver services from anywhere! For anyone that is wondering, my own costs were $0!

I was able to make sales of at least $600 each and was able to quickly increase that by $1,500 for each sale because I had high-ticket clients that were eager buy from me.

I was also very lucky have been able to travel across Europe while working from my laptop and my profits have more than covered my travel and hotel costs!"

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