To have the 8 hour revolution laptop lifestyle, you need to have the following aspects:
  • A business where you can work from anywhere in the world
  • A business that is scalable quickly 
  • A business where you can leverage other people's time and skills
  • You can charge reasonably high fees for your work
I have built many laptop lifestyle businesses. One of the first ones I built is also one of the easiest, and I am going to show here in this course.
In this course, I am going to show you how to build a laptop lifestyle by building a logo design business!
Why logo design?
  • It can be done from anywhere in the world
  • It is very easy and quick to set up this business
  • It can be done cheap or for free
  • It is very scalable 
  • You can easily leverage other people's time and skills
  • You can charge high fees for your logo designs if you target the right customers
Even if you have no experience in business or logo design, trust me, everything is relatively easy and straightforward, it simply needs some, patience and practice!
Here is what we need to build a logo design business:
  • A niche
  • Logo designers
  • Portfolio
  • High paying clients
Let's go through each of these in detail.
A niche is crucial because this is what establishes you as a specialist in the eyes of your clients and this is what allows you to be able to charge higher prices as opposed to general logo designers. Clients within your niche are more willing to pay higher prices for specialists within their niche than someone who is a general logo designer who designs for all clients. 
Ideally, you want to focus on a niche where your target market have the capability of paying high prices, because if you target a niche where your target have less money to pay and are more price sensitive then you will struggle to charge higher prices and will have to end up delivering a higher volume of logos to sustain your laptop lifestyle!
For me, when I started my business, I targeted the finance niche; this included local banks, accountants, auditors and private finance companies. The targets within this niche make a lot of money because they charge high prices for their own services and so are more likely to have the ability to afford my higher prices when I design and deliver logos for them.
How you select and define your niche is up to you. You can be as specific or as broad as you want but do remember that the more defined you are, the more likely you are able to charge higher prices for your work. For me, I could be more specific with my niche but I felt that my niche had a good balance of definition but also broad to have a lot of clients to choose from. 
Please remember - we are not freelancers, freelancers do not like the laptop lifestyle! Freelancers spend their time working IN the business, we want to work ON the business!
We are building a fully functioning business that can run with little of our intervention. And so, rather than designing the logos ourselves, we are going to leverage other people's time and skills to do this for us. We can find designers in a number of ways. Here's how I did it:
You can join graphic and logo designer groups on Facebook, get to know some of the designers and work with them. Or you can go on Fiverr where you can choose from a large number of designers to help you out with the designers. Below you will see an example of a logo group found on Facebook, as well as an example of logos designers you can find on Fiverr. There are many other ways of finding logo designers of course but these are the two best methods that have worked for me!
FB Logo Group
Fiverr Logo Page
In general, you don't have any upfront costs,with exception to one which I will explain in the PORTFOLIO seciton below. Normally, you only pay your designer when you get paid by your client, so you don't lose out on any money yourself.
When starting out, it's ok to start off by having one designer on your team. When I started out, I had 2 because I know that I will be getting a lot of business quickly!
Having a portfolio is important because it's a visual aid for the clients you will be communicating with. Your clients will not know who you are so you need to show them what you are capable for and why you are worth their money. Again, we will not be building this portfolio ourselves. The cheapest and easiest way of getting a portfolio is simply to ask your designer for their portfolio. Every good designer will have their own portfolio of logo designers and they will be help to provide it to you if you are going to send them work. The downside to this is that your designer may not have logos for your niche. I did mention that there is one exception to the rule that you will not have any upfront costs, that exception is to pay for your own portfolio. When I started out, I knew that there may not be enough finance company logos to build a porfolio out of, and so I paid my designer to design several custom made finance company logos for my portfolio. And because it is a designer who works for me and they know that it is to help bringing in new work them, they were happy to create several designs at a discount. My advice is to speak to your designer and I am sure that they would be able to do the same for you especially if they know that it will help you to bring more business and work for them. You don't need many designs but I recomment the minimum is have 4 designs. 
Once you have your designs, it is time to display them online. How you do it is up to you as long as your clients can access it easily. You can either create a simple website for this, or in my case, I used Instagram. 
If you wish to have a portfolio website, check these videos to learn how to build one. (youtube vid links) 
If you're like me and prefer to have an Instagram for your portfolio, simply go on instagram, create a new account and upload your designs!
Now here comes the fun part..... finding high paying clients!
Here are the following ways you can find clients:
  • Google search for your niche. In my case I will Google "accountants", "auditors", "loan companies", "local banks" etc
  • Facebook search for local businesses in your area.
  • Search on business directories such as Yelp
  • LinkedIn search for local businesses and professionals in your area
What you are looking for are businesses with websites that either have a poor logo or lack a logo because they are the easiest to target and sell to. Go through your searches and make and list of business with poor or no logos. Be sure to find any contact details, either an email address or telephone number.
Once you have made your list, it's time to contact those businesses. How you choose to convince and sell your logo designs is up to you but don't forget to provide a link to your portfolio page so they can see your work - a picture is worth a thousand words! For our advance course, we have put together some telephone and email templates to help you to sell your logo servicesclick here for our upgrade course to access our templates! 
In the beginning, expect to speak to many businesses before one of them accepts your services, this is a natural process and it's perfectly normal for a lot of businesses to say no before you receive a yes!
Once a business agrees to have a logo designed by you, make sure to have an agreement in writing. This does not have to be an overly complicated contract, can be a simple agreement over email. Again you can decide how to draw up your agreement. In the beginning I would advise to charge $100 for your first few projects so that you build some experience. Or depending on how much your designer is charging, you can apply 50% to 100% mark up for your price. For example, if your design charges £50, you charge $100 to your client. If he charges $100, you charge $200 to your client. For our advance course, we have put together some agreement templates that you can simply insert and change the names click here for our upgrade course to access our templates! 
Ok, so now you have a business that's agreed to pay you to have a logo designed for them - now what?
Make sure you take clear instructions from your client as to what they want. Make as clear notes as possible and ask your client if they have any samples or photos to help you and your designer to visual their idea. Pass these notes to your designer and let them work their magic. It is common for changes to the design to be made along the way so be prepared to work closely with your client and your designer.
Once your client is satisfied with you design then it is time for your client to pay you. You can choose to have your client pay into your bank account. I personally prefer to use PayPal as it can accept payments from anywhere in the world instantly without incurring expensive fees!
Once  your client has paid you then CONGRATULATIONS, you have received your first payment under the laptop lifestyle!
The laptop lifestyle comes into its own once you have your designer working on a logo because you are not designing it yourself and are free to go find other clients. You can simpy focusing getting clients as your only job which is the main job that is bringing in the money whilst your designing focuses on the designs. If you have a lot of clients wanting logos from you, you can always bring in new designers and leverage their time whilst you continue to grow you design business! You will find that even after 6 months, your business will grow very fast under this model!
As you can see, although it takes a bit of time to build a laptop lifestyle, it is certainly not difficult!
With this model, you can literally work from anywhere and you do not need to meet your clients or your team face to face. And over time, the more clients you have and the bigger your team, the more money you will make whilst the amount of time you spend on your business will decrease!
10 months into this business, I was working just 8 hours a week and making over $12,000 per month!
Fortunately, you do not have to build this business alone! As part of the paid subscription course (not available for those on the trial period), 1-1 mentoring sessions will be available to you. The benefit of the mentoring sessions will be to help you to set up and grow your logo business so that you can have the laptop lifestyle!

Those that take the regular mentoring sessions have been able to make an average of $9,000 each month!

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Congratulations on reaching the end of this course!

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