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LinkedIn Viewer Goldmine!
(2,000x Version)

Important Notice

This is the 2,000x version of LinkedIn Viewer Goldmine. If you have bought an upgraded version, please stop reading this page now and go straight to your most upgraded version.

2,000x is an upgraded version of 1,000x and is therefore treated as the same order, not a separate one. Do make sure that you follow the instructions below and submit your details under the correct version, otherwise if you have e.g. submitted details for 1,000x but have in fact purchased the 2,000x upgrade, we will process your order under 1,000x because that is the information we have available. 


  1. You will need to get LinkedIn Premium for unlimited views as the basic account only allows 30 views per month! Don't worry though, LinkedIn offers a free trial!
  2. Make sure you optimize your profile to look as attractive as possible. This includes a professional photo, a summary about your skills, experience and services and a list of skills for people to endorse.
  3. Define who you want to target by clicking advanced (see screenshot below). Then save your search criteria.


Make sure you go through the contents of this page carefully. I will refer to the entire content as 'conditions'.

Email me at grindworks@ymail.com and provide the following details below: 

  1. Copy and paste "Order For LinkedIn Viewer Goldmine 2,000x - I have understood and accepted the conditions of this order"
  2. Your full name and email used to make your purchase;
  3. Your email and password to log into your LinkedIn profile;
  4. The Saved Search you want to use;
  5. Your proof of purchase for LinkedIn Viewer Goldmine 2,000x

What Happens Next

Once we have your details above, we will begin processing your views within 72 working hours.

Rockstar Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile For Lead = Client/Sales Conversions
- LinkedIn Networking And Getting The Most Out Of Your Views

  1. When optimizing your profile, look out the best profiles in your niche/market/peer group and emulate them. For example, for dentists looking to attract new patients, look at the most optimized dentists' profiles and emulate them.
  2. When people view you back, connect with them immediately! They are clearly interested in what they saw but not yet ready to make the first move so do it for them. This opens up a wider set of 2nd and 3rd connections, which means that you are now able to prospect a wider network! Rinse and repeat!
  3. Add as many skills relevant to you as possible, this becomes more important in point 3
  4. Endorse all your connections! When you endorse their skills, you are giving them something that helps them, i.e. profile boost and improved LinkedIn presence. You are therefore starting your relationship with your new connection in a positive way by giving something first instead of messaging, risk sounding intrusive or "salesy". Some people will endorse you back which is great because it gives your profile a boost and means they are not afraid to establish a relationship with you
  5. After endorsing your connection, wait a few days before messaging them, that way is less intrusive and they already know who your are because you endorsed them
  6. Click here to see examples of optimized LinkedIn profiles;
  7. Never sell any product or service during the first few interactions with your connection. Build rapport first in order to establish trust. Connections buy products/services from people they trust;
  8. Also important from point 7. is that anyone who does buy without a great foundation of trust in place will usually buy because of the price of product/service itself (i.e. cheaper cost) which means that you end up competing on price. If trust is established, you can avoid competing on price and are able to command a high price;
  9. Never just have your name and occupation, it doesn't mean anything. Include a description of service/product you offer that will attract a viewer's attention in seconds! Instead of "John Smith, Accountant", try "John Smith, Specialized In Helping Small Business Owners Increase Their Annual Profit Margins Through Cost Management";
  10. Instead of listing out as many of your qualifications as possible, try listing out services that your target prospect would be interested in knowing about. For example, instead of "5 years of sales experience", try "increased the department's sales conversion by 53% during 5 years at ABC Ltd"
  11. We also offer a premium service where we can optimize your LI profile for you to stand out from the crowd! Feel free to contact us for our premium optimization service!


  1. If you have a small network of connections, there will not be many profiles to view unless you grow it and connect with more people. The more you continue to grow it by connecting with more people, the more 2nd connections will open up and more profiles can be viewed, therefore the more effective the view counts are;
  2. Huge results are not immediate and will take time as you start to build a reputation on LinkedIn;
  3. Results can depend on the optimization of your profile. A fully optimized profile can attract plenty of views, messages and leads. A profile not given enough attention will attract considerably less. Do take the time to carefully optimize your profile;
  4. When we access your profile, we strictly and solely provide a service of viewing through the profiles of your search criteria on a monthly basis. We do not alter or do anything else to your profile nor does our service infringe upon LinkedIn's policies; therefore we will not be held responsible for any undesired consequences to your LinkedIn profile;
  5. By submitting your details to us and placing your order, you imply that you have read, understood and accepted the contents of this page and we will treat this as such when commencing our service.