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Steady Eddie Map: The Road To Your First $100

Why $100?

Because in the long arduous road to financial freedom, the first sign post in the journey is always the hardest to get to? Why? It's not because the sign post is hard to get to itself. It's because the rest of the journey seems too long and rocky and that most journeymen give up before they reach that first signpost.

Before I decided to embark on my journey, I didn't care about making $1,000,000, $100,000, $10,000 or even $1,000. My focus was on $100 and $100 alone - that first $100 would be my signpost! Sure, you can dream of making $1,000,000 eventually but if you fixate too much on it and and not pay attention to the signposts along the way then you will get lost in your journey and end up backtracking to get back onto the right path.

Also, once I figured out how to make $100, there's no reason why I cannot double the method/formula/strategy and make $200, then $400, then $800 and so on ...

Why Steady Eddie?

I love buying and using products created by my friends and fellow collaborators. In fact I have seen tremendous personal success with these products that I'm glad I now currently work with a large number with them and proud to call them my friends (click here to find the list of products I've used that I highly recommend you try too to boost your monthly earnings!). However, as much as I love discovering methods that boost you earnings by "$1,000 in less than 24 hours", I'm still a firm believer in establishing and building "slow and steady" earning machines that practically last forever, because before you can aim to be rich, you have to aim to be steady and growing. I love figuring out and building ONE machine that's going to make me $1 a day that's not going to require much work beyond that. Why? Then I can build a second machine, then a third one, and a fourth one ...

When it comes to the Hares and Tortoises of financial freedom. Hares are the bigger money earners but it's the turtles that are steady and in my opinion and the life blood of a long lasting business. And I try to have as many turtles running in the background of my business giving me steady reliable income.

So let me teach you a Steady Eddie Turtle that's going to walk on the LONG road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

The Steady Eddie Journey

I started off knowing nothing about anything internet marketing, well ... almost nothing. So I picked something I liked or passion about, this could be anything at all. Don't worry about the size of the market, whether it's in demand, whether there's a niche for it, all that BS at this stage! You're looking to make your first $100, you're not looking to make the kinda money that make lottery winners wet themselves!

What is important right now is:

  1. Finding something you like, know about or can easily find out; and
  2. Something that's going to fuel your passion

Defensive weapons is a massive market currently, yet I know nothing about it nor do I have a passion for it so I don't go into it. Greeting cards is much more simple yet prefer to enter into that market.

It's completely pointless in going into a massive market or niche that's a complete goldmine, yet you know nothing about, no passion for and no business experience whatsoever. I will never go into a vast ocean full of fish if I don't have the right fishing equipment or experience to fish there. I start off fishing in a small pond with 10 fish with a simple fishing rod to start off with.

If you're focusing on the market, you have completely missed the point. I don't care how bigger the ROI in the market is, I don't care about the amount of commissions per customer or how niche it is. The first step on you financial freedom journey is not investing in the market, it's investing in YOU!

I picked any market/niche I want without doing ANY niche research whatsoever because:

  1. I know I liked it;
  2. I can easily find information on; and
  3. It will help me stay motivated when things don't go my way

I made sure I had the following accounts:

  1. Email
  2. Skype
  3. YouTube;
  4. Facebook;
  5. Twitter;
  6. Amazon
  7. Forum accounts and other accounts relevant to my niche

If you haven't got any of these - get them!

Relationship Building

This is the most important thing in you business. It takes the longest because it lasts the longest and is the most reliable source of business.

Facebook - I joined as many FB groups relevant to my niche, picked out the out the most active members, added them with a message "Hey [Name], I read your comment/article, thought it was pretty cool what you said/I agreed what you thought about [subject - add your own opinion]. Will be awesome if we can exchange a few ideas, will be happy to help you out". Not everyone will reply but you have to play the numbers game.

I would also create a Facebook group and add those new members to that group.

Twitter - I began going through existing Twitter groups relevant to my selected niche and began following as many followers of those groups as I can, I spent some time following 100 followers everyday.

YouTube - Go through videos of your relevant niche. Look through the comments. Anyone that's active that makes comments you agree with, reply to them back and begin conversations. Once you establish rapport, take the conversation into private inbox.

Amazon - Go through relevant product and look through reviews. Comment on the reviews then add further comments and establish rapport with the reviewer.

Other relevant forums - Join Reddit and other forums specific to your niche. Comment on active posts and converse with the most active members.

Important Things To Remember When Relationship Building

When you are doing the above you must:

  1. ALWAYS be active in conversations. Always promptly respond and add further opinions. Doesn't have to be long replies, even short but regular replies build good rapport;
  2. Build rapport with the intention of bringing them into your circle. With enough relationship building you should be able to bring them into your personal list, including email list and Skype list;
  3. Look for problems. Most people that post almost always problems. Identify them and think how YOU can solve them

I won't fool you, this is not going to happen overnight, such a valuable thing like relationship building will take a while which means it will take a while to get to a good stage. However, time is relative, those of you that are extremely dedicated will build relationship circles faster than those that take a more casual approach.

Problem Solving Solutions

By now you should have identified problematic areas prevalent in you niche. Now it's time for you to resolve them!

There are literally more than 1,000,001 ways to solve problems, you just need to look hard enough. The first stop is obviously Google! For every problem, there's a solution that someone has already created, you just need to know what, where and how and contact the solution creators.

When it comes to making money, I prefer to offer solutions that provide me recurring income every month, either something I created myself or by JV with someone else. But products that provide a one off fee is fine, it's whatever you prefer. Don't worry I will provide some simple guidelines of how to create simple products below.

Relationship Nurturing

Once you have people in your circle you have to nurture them through your Facebook group and Skype group, either through conversing with them, answering their questions and posting relevant material to the niche. I usually like post questions, articles and answer questions on FB and like to hold regular conferences on Skype discussing whatever relevant topic that people want to know, or just Q&A's. If you cannot think of any topics, get in contact with someone experience through YouTube or Facebook and let them do the talking and Q&A for you at the Skype conference you organised.

Product Creation

As mentioned, I personally like recurring revenue products. I can create it myself or joint venture with someone else. I also like a mix of recurring and one-off fee content to spread out my income streams.

For example, in the financially free/passive income stream I like to learn as much about it as much I can by buying products that help to do that (click here for list of products), watch YouTube videos and read articles. I then put together my own articles/guides/strategies that combines a lot of what I learned into monthly products and charge a small fee ($1-$3). 

At this point it doesn't matter whether similar information can be accessed elsewhere because I have already established a relationship  of trust with my circle and have given so much time and value that I am now able to afford my circle paying me a small fee for a recurring product.

If you have followed the map I laid out above and if you were patient to have given it enough time, you would have already reached your first $100 goal if not way past it!

At this stage I would have had a following of 1,700+ in 3 months taken from FB, Twitter. Skype, YouTube etc.

As mentioned, I charged up to $3 for my products I release each month. Even if I charged a conservative $1 per month and 10% buyers, (1,700 x 10%) x $1 = $170  

So even at this stage I have already past my sign post. Now to make over $200, you just have to build more relationships, but things should now be easier since you already know the formula to reaching and building a bigger circle. And the work required to create a monthly product does not change, the same amount of work is required but now you are reaching a wider audience. So if you later had 2,000 followers and 10% buyers, you've made $200 per month without extra work on your product.

As well as FB, Skype and Twitter, I personally like to use emails to reach my circle. With emails you can provide a lot more information that is more personal than just a comment, plus no matter how many people I have on my email list, I only need to write one email, press send it will reach everyone on my list. To help you understand I have provided a free guide to explain further:

Click here to access the FREE guide to Growing Your Business  

If you don't wish to create your own content you can join with someone else and offer their products to your audience. I have provided a mix of own mine and other peoples' products to my circle.

When you repeat this process, there is no reason why you cannot make $400 then $800 and so on!

Bonus Strategy

I found a great tool to have is to offer something exclusive or private. Exclusivity works wonders in strengthening trust in a relationship. I do this by giving a select few access to a my private website that is full of FREE information useful to my followers. The valuable thing to take away here is that once you have a large following, you should be able to identify your most loyal followers. I would offer recommendations and products that would be unavailable to new followers because it's the longer and more established followers that is the lifeblood of my business.

I cannot stress the value of having your own website and email audience, as it is your own personal platform and megaphone for having YOUR voice heard - and that is the SECRET to your first $100 and beyond that building wealth and financial freedom. If you don't already have them then I HIGHLY recommend you get them set up!

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Now that you have the map, you should be able to apply this and make your first $100. Once you have made your first $100, repeat the process and make $200, then $400, then $800 and so on. I have applied this map several times and have created case studies so that you can see how I personally did this with my own niches.

I'm excited to share with you two real life case studies and how I applied my own map to make my first $100 in those niches and repeated the process to make more!

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