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Forget measly 4% commissions from Amazon and even $20-$30 sales from Clickbank infoproducts and take advantage of these high end affiliate programs.

(See these profitable niches for you to take advantage of and bank on)

There are affiliate programs out there for high end products and services that pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars in commission to you per sale.

And these products and services are in high demand with low refund rates.

In Volume 1 of the 'High End Affiliate Programs' series I present to you 15 luxury travel affiliate programs that can make you seriously rich if you get involved.

Further down the post I'll tell you how I would 'hack' my way into the luxury travel niche and what sort of site to create for these high end affiliate programs.


Here are the high end affiliate programs....

Luxury Link
Pays 4-6% commission on average orders of $1,200 and has a 60 day cookie on it's luxury travel.


Sandals Resorts
Pays 4% commission and has EPCs of $137.99. 90 day cookies on Carribean Holidays. Via CJ.com


Orient Express Luxury Trains & Hotels
Pays 3% and has a 90 day cookie on it's luxury train travel. Via Cj.com


Africa Point
African safari and travel company with up to 30% commissions and has a 1 year cookie. A single sale can net as much as $350 in commissions.


Luxury Travel Team
Luxury Travel & Cruise company that guarantees 25% more income than your current cruise affiliate program.


The luxury hotel chain pay up to 10% commission with a conversion rate of around 3% and average sale of £150.


Faremont Raffles Hotels & Resorts
Luxurious accommodation in worlds finest destinations with 5% commissions and 30 day cookies on their high and and expensive hotels make this a good choice.


Exotissmo Travel
A South East Asia based tour company with 90 day cookies and will pay you even for inquiries where no sale is made. Via ShareASale.


JetCharter Media
Private Jet Charter company offering $275 commission per sale and a $200 bonus for every 2 sales per month.




A yacht charter program with generous payouts depending on sales price.


Sailing Europe
A high end sailing charter program that pays between $50 to $100 per sale.


Luxury On Travel
Luxury tour packages and cruises with 90 day cookies and commission of up to 15%


Cruise Direct
Offers 3.5% commission and 60 day cookies on their expensive cruise packages.


Home Exchange
Offers 33% commission on every successful sale and recurring commissions for up to 1 year.


Tour Radar Adventure Tours
Paying 50% on confirmed bookings of average $2,000 sale makes this a very exciting affiliate program.




Use ideas in the list below for upsells (Make product as list of other billion dollar niches)


Before I begin, let me present to you a list of websites I use myself to grow my own “4HWW” Empire.

List Of Websites

List A





List B






Upwork and Fiverr aren't the only websites you can use to grow your empire. Although you can definitely pick ANY website(s) listed above to market and source your services, I have broken them down into A. and B. as my own personal recommendation.

Marketing Your Services

I recommend using the websites in list A as your place to list and market your websites simply because they are treated more professionally and your services will be taken more seriously, meaning that you can afford to charge more for your services. These websites typically attract visitors that are prepared to spend more money on services compared to if they visited the sites from list B. I'm not suggesting that you can always charge gigantic prices to your customers but you can generally afford to charge higher prices if you know where to market. If you want to be able to charge higher prices for your services then you typically have to market your services to towards customers that are a lot less price sensitive. And if you target your services within site A, it is expected that customers that buy from these sites are a lot more service-hungry and a lot less price sensitive compared to list B customers. 

The aim is also to list your services on as many credible websites as possible in order to widen your marketing reach. So if you created a profile on all the websites in list A and listed your services on those platforms, then you have single-handedly boosted your empire's marketing reach and increased your potential to gain more paying customers (if you used all 5 sites instead of just one, you've potentially increased your marketing reach by at least 400%!) ... without even spending a single penny on SEO or ad spend!

Remember though - you are free to also use the websites in list B to market your services even further but do bear in mind the next paragraph below.

Sourcing Your Services

I have chosen to use list B as the websites to best source your freelancers to help you fulfil the service. The reason being is that the service is far cheaper than the ones listed in list A. If you spend a few minutes doing research into the people in the results (I refer back to the 4HWW Empire course - look at their ratings, number of orders fulfilled and comments from previous buyers), you will get an idea as to who is the best person to fulfill your services. I also strongly suggest to contact those previous buyers that left comments to provide further detail and ask any questions you're unsure of so you get a better idea of whether the freelancer is right for you. These websites are also more flexible to use especially when last minute changes or additions are required to be made to providing the service. This degree of flexibility is very attractive to your customers especially since changes/alterations can happen mid-service and your ability to be flexible will win their favor and even more orders from that same customer!

It is important to grow your freelancer pool as big as possible so that you have a wide range of skills and experience you can use whenever you have a new customer and when you have several orders coming in. As you grow, you will need multiple orders fulfilled simultaneously and more services on offer. Therefore, the more people you have on hand, the more you can begin to build up your empire.

Again you are feel to use any website from any list to source your services but preference is to list source B for reasons I've discussed.

Getting Extra Value From Each Customer - Gain Multiple Sales

In the previous course I have talk about offer other services to complement your core services. Now this will be a very simple but effect way of getting more value out of your customers. If for example a customer orders a website design from me, I will shortly send an email providing him a list of requirements I need from him to get started. With the same email I will add an extra paragraph saying that I also provide logo/banner design, graphic design and content writing. If he is interested in purchasing that package as part of his website order, I can provide 20% discount! It is important that you can do this within 24-48 hours of the order because your customer has placed an order and is still in "buying" mode. When he is offered complementary services at a package discount then he is more likely to buy if it makes his order more complete. So instead of just selling one core service per client, you will end up gaining multiple sales from the same client within the same transaction! With this simple technique I was able to extract extra value from each customer, so much so that on some occasions, I had enough complementary services on offer that I was able to charge 9x more for those services than the initial order itself!

With these simple strategies I'm teaching you I was able to grow my empire by least 227% within 3 months!

Now go out there and do it for yourself!


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