Passive Wealth Blueprint

Things You Need To Consider If You Are To
Build Your Very Own Passive Wealth Lifestyle!


After spending years focusing on building a passive wealth lifestyle, I recognize the important things you must consider and put into action in order to make that happen. So let's not delay any further - let's begin!


Let's break this down into subcategories:

A) Investment In Yourself

You already know this but it's one of those things that people need to hear in order to move forward - you don't know enough and you will never know enough!

The first step in building a passive wealth lifestyle begins with you! A state-of-the-art $750,000 Ferrari will not move and is useless unless someone has the motivation/discipline/confidence to drive it!

Therefore, the best passive income software, course or mentor is useless unless you have that motivation/discipline/confidence to use it. 

Everyone has the "go-getter" attitude of being excited when starting out on a new venture but then that enthusiasm wanes and fizzles out shortly. Your motivation MUST withstand:

  • the realization that you don't know enough and that you WILL make mistakes along the way;
  • there is never a good time to be "ready" - you either do it or you don't;
  • things don't always go the way you want. You will either experience set backs, mistakes or things just being completely wrong. It will not be your fault because people should be allowed and accept mistakes on their road to success;
  • making excuses or blaming other people for things not going right. You should be able to hold yourself accountable for set backs and mistakes. 

When you invest in yourself, you invest your own time to make things happen and accept mistakes along the way. Part of your investment is experimenting with what works and doesn't work and not blaming people or yourself for anything wrong, but accepting that it's inevitable.

B) Investment In Learning And Creating

Again, you will never know enough and so it's ALWAYS worth investing in your learning and building your own wealth systems.

"Investment" means exactly that - investment, which means that you should NEVER focus on price and should ALWAYS focus on return on investment. Anything that's worth something will always cost something, mostly time and money. If I don't know how to build passive wealth systems, I will NEVER hesitate to invest to make that happen. For example, if a course costs $10 and I'm confident I can learn and make $11, I will invest in it in a heartbeat! The fact I made $1 return on investment means not only did I still make a profit, but I also learned something new that I could use again and again and even improve upon it to make even more money later.

Let's go even further ... I would happily invest $300 on a software, course or mentor that helps me make $301! Again, I've still made a return on investment of $1 and learned something new that I can build my experience upon further to make more money. Clearly your goal isn't just to make $1 every time but it illustrates how important you need to shift your mindset to that of an investor. 

Passive wealth lifestyle is created by investors, not consumers - think like an investor, not like a consumer!

To put it bluntly: winners focus on return on investment, losers focus on price

So whenever you're faced with a cost for a course or product - you should not be afraid to make that investment!


After having spent the last few years building my own passive income, I have put together a blueprint of things that will help you build your own passive income system. I do stress that you are NOT required to have everything that I will cover but it is important to pick and experiment with whichever area and tools you wish to begin with or specialize in.


My Golden Rules For Financial Freedom

Financially freedom, smart passive lifestyle or multiple income streams - you MUST follow these Golden Rules.

Golden Rule 1 - Creating Automated Systems

Don't work for yourself - create a system that works for you! This means creating something that will work for you 24 hours a day that requires minimal involvement from you! A system that builds wealth and a brand whether you are present or sleeping. This means taking advantage of software or other personnel that work while you are not. 

Software that delivers products, grabs traffic or handles transactions are examples of systems that can work while you are not. The system must also be able to replicated. E.g. if a system makes $10 while I sleep, I should be able to grow it, copy it or find a similar system and make $20 while I sleep. If I have 10, I should be able make $100 while I sleep. Finding these systems is key! 

Below you will find a list of products that not only work while you sleep but can also be grown and replicated to help you build multiple streams of wealth!

Golden Rule 2 - Self belief And Investment

You have to believe in at least two things:

  1. Investing in yourself; and
  2. Investing in the people around you

If you believe in yourself then the motivation and patience will come naturally. If things don't go in the direction you want then it's ultimately your motivation and patience that powers through those rocky times. Investing in yourself is a combination of investing time and money in learning how building a financially free structure works. This takes time but it's also time well spent!

Investing in others is also giving people around you the opportunity to add value to you but also the opportunity to add value to others. Financial freedom is a long journey but you don't need to walk it alone. The best learning is reaching out to people with more experience than you and helping others with less. In my experience of groups and communities, the more experienced people are all too happy to you because they have walked that same journey yourself in the past and they know better than anyone it's always about giving more than receiving. Do not be afraid of reaching out to others and helping other people along the way. A collaborative journey is 10x faster than a lone journey!

Below is a list of products created by friends and collaborators who are experienced marketers. By investing in any one of these products you are investing in yourself and giving yourself an opportunity to build a financially free style. Any one of these product creators are all too happy to provide support should you need any help so don't be afraid to reach out!


As a bonus for investing in any one of the products below, you will be given a FREE exclusive invitation to my brand new Financially Free Facebook group, where you will be able to join others on their journey to financial freedom, smart passive income and building multiple income streams.

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