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Importance Of A Niche

The simple key to getting high ticket sales is specialism. Pick a niche to specialize and own that niche. 

Because if you are seen as an expert in something, you can command a higher price compared to someone who is a generalist and targets everything!

Customers trust you more because you're experienced within their area and are willing to pay more for that value you bring to the table.

The Wrong Approach In Niching

I get it! Picking a niche seems like a long term commitment to make, but it really isn't. Niching is a matter of trial & error to see which one is more profitable for you. I would never advise anyone to jump onto different niches every few weeks but at the same time, there's no harm in testing out a niche to see how profitable it is and if it doesn't work out, you can always test another. Your niche can change until you find one right for you.

You should always test and think hard on deciding your niche, it does take time. However ......

..... let's be realistic, you've just started this business project - can you afford to sit there and wait around until you've come up with the right niche? Of course not!

You want to launch your business and your want to launch it TODAY!

You want to start collecting new customers and get sales under your belt PRONTO!

What's the solution? 

You should continue to think long and hard about your preferred niche in the background .....

..... in the meantime you need sales ASAP by targeting some of the easiest niches available in order to build profit and experience so that you can apply that to your own niche when you're ready!

Easiest Niches Available

There are tons of niches available and below I give you the low down on 3 of the easiest that I've found personally to get into! I've handpicked these niches for several reasons:

  • They charge high prices for their own services which means they can easily afford your own high price without any difficulty
  • At least 80% of the players in these niches have terrible websites and marketing in general, which means there is a need for your services
  • The customers in these niches are inexperienced and have very little knowledge about websites and marketing, which means you can easily present yourself as the expert and easily sell them your services
  • These are niches where the players are always motivated to improve their method of marketing, especially their website!

Below I explain why these niches are extremely profitable when starting out.

Self-Help Coaches

This is a huge niche, and I do mean HUGE!

There are so many sub-niches under this including confidence coaching for relationships/marriage, being around family and friends, being around the workplace, job interviews etc.

Also coaching for social anxiety, public speaking, career, and child/adult therapy.

Why this niche?

These coaches can command around $1,000 per hour/session for 1-1 or public engage, which means they can easily afford your prices. And since they are motivated individuals themselves, they are always on the lookout for new clients and are motivated to invest to make that happen!

At least 95% of these coaches have websites because that's part of the nature of their business.

How do you find them?

Simply type in the area of self help coaching you want to target and you'll be presented with pages of websites belong to those coaches. Even better ..... plenty of them have their own YouTube channel! The rule of thumb is that if they're already spending a lot of effort making YouTube videos, they're motivated in investing, including improving their website if you can identify faults!

The sub-niche I personally found profitable when I was tackling this was relationship coaching. There's no shortage of material out there on YouTube and Google. I did my research and discovered that even the lower end coaches can charge at least $500 for one of their clients just for one day of coaching, and they can get at least 5 clients in that same day! Which means even at the lower end, they can afford my own high prices!

Relationship coaching is a lucrative niche for these coaches because there is an incredible need for help from their clients since there are no shortage relationship issues available!

So I made a long list of people I want to target from watching their YouTube videos and going through their websites on Google. I emailed my entire list offering to do a website analysis report for them, and the ones that replied, we did the report and eventually built a new site for them for at least $1,500, up to $10,000 for the higher end coaches!

I would highly recommend taking advantage of this niche and build yourself a good level of profit and experience from this!


Plumbing is an incredible niche to build a customer list for because even a simple Google search can generate 100's of plumbers in your local area alone!

A significant portion of that list are your potential customers!

If you just click on a handful of plumbers, you can see how bad and unprofessional their websites can look! Unattractive colors, unattractive logo and images, too much or irrelevant text, boring or dull looking, difficult to navigate or to contact the plumber, slow loading, etc

Any one of these faults will need your services!

Why are they bad? 

Because most plumbing business no nothing about websites and marketing and leave it in the hands of someone else, either a friend or relative, or they just find a cheap design to build it. 

This is where you come in!

You're not cheap; you're the expert and you're here to help them improve their website!

What counts as a bad site is ultimately your own judgement and you will learn to recognize the signs once you've experienced looking at several sites.

Remember - plumbers are always looking for new business so if you are able to improve their website to get them new business, you have their attention!

Plumbing itself has plenty of sub-niches. Defining what your plumbing niche is doesn’t have to be all that complicated. What do you specialize in?

Do you mostly do residential plumbing or commercial plumbing? This alone can be a plumbing niche. If you want to focus on the commercial plumbing aspect of your plumbing business you can create a plumbing marketing plan that is appropriate to drowning up commercial plumbing business.

Remodeling is also another plumbing niche. Many times homeowners are searching for remodeling specialists. This is a great plumbing niche. A great way to get referrals for plumbing remodeling jobs is to network with other service contractors and real estate agents. Networking partners are one of the greatest ways to advertise your plumbing niche to prospective customers.

Re-piping is also another plumbing niche. The fact of the matter is, is that having to re-pipe a home can be really expensive and stressful for a homeowner. Specializing in re-piping will help give confidence to your customers that you are well qualified to handle the job.

Green plumbing or Eco-friendly plumbing is also a huge market. These days consumers are very aware of the environment and their effect on it. Many times homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient to reduce the amount of resources they consume and save a little money on household utility expenses. This can potentially be a great plumbing niche for you that will help you grow plumbing business and help make a difference.


I said I was going to give you 3 niches. Restaurants is the third niche but I'm going to throw in 2 more bonus niches: catering and hotels, because there are overlaps (and I'm feeling generous!)

The difference here from the plumbing niche is that plumbing sites need to look professional but they don't need to look pretty. Restaurants on the other hand, do need to look pretty, which means that pretty designs can command a higher price compared to sites that just look professional. 

Restaurants are always looking for ways to increase business online. This is evident from the fact that they are working heavily with online-based partners like Deliveroo and Trip Advisor. Restaurants are under pressure to fill up their tables everyday. They have running costs that they have to pay which are covered by the sales they get from dining customers. Whenever they have empty tables, that's empty real estate that they have to paying running costs for that isn't getting covered. So if you can help with that then restaurants will pay for your services!

In this niche, the keys to success are;

  • Look at their menu. If their main courses at least $15, they can afford you. Don't get into the habit of targeting lower end restaurants - you're simply wasting your time!
  • Standalone restaurants are fine, but chains are better. They don't have to be a huge franchise but try to prioritize those that have a chain of at least 3 restaurant locations
  • Try to target 3-5 star restaurants. This isn't an absolute requirement but would be very helpful for your profits

The easiest way to find them would obviously be to Google them and create a list. My personal favorite method would be to actually visit and dine at one of these restaurants. This creates a huge advantage for you because you've now created a connection with that restaurant and can then say you've visited them and you loved their food and you feel that you can help them because you want them to improve. No other web designer will be doing this!

With hotels, their nature is seasonal. So on peak holidays, they get plenty of guests. Off-peak times they are quiet. Again they have running costs so they're still paying to manage rooms even when they're empty, which means if you can do web design for them, you can help fill those rooms during the off-peak periods.

Keys to success:

  • Unless they're at least 3 stars, one-location hotels should be avoided! Small hotel chains can be good even if they're 2 star
  • Don't target hotels that charge less than $100 per night!

Catering is an extremely good niche because they tend to charge high prices, between $2,000-$5,000 on the lower end, and having a beautiful website is a must for caterers because that's where they get most of their business!

They are able to demand high prices themselves due to the clients they target.

I personally found wedding and corporate caterers to be the most lucrative because their customers are able to afford their high prices, which in turn means they can afford your high prices!

Each one of those clients are high ticket so if you can build websites to attract them, you can profit greatly!

Google and Facebook are the best ways to find your catering clients!

Bonus Niche - Drain Cleaners

Yet another bonus niche because I'm so generous! This niche can be an extension of plumbing but can be treated as a separate niche entirely!

I cannot speak for every country but when I Google for drain cleaners in the UK and US, I see so many drain cleaning companies using Google ads, which means that this niche is actively throwing money to get customers! 

So if you're coming in offering to improve their online presence, then you have their attention!

And having entered this niche myself, I've come to realized just how profit this niche really is!

Drain Cleaners are called out every few minutes and they charge $100's per hour for a seemingly straightforward service. The call-out fee alone can be $50-$100!

Plenty of marketers are targeting plumbers but I see very few that specifically target drain cleaners, which is surprising considering how much they can charge per job and how easy it is to find them. If you ain't already in this niche, then I'd get right into it ..... pronto!

"Easy Sell" Bonus

You may have heard of the phrase "problems create cash"?

If you can show your clients their problem in front of their face and offer to solve that problem, then you've made your sale ..... easily!

You're in the business of designing websites. Why do businesses have websites?

Businesses want customers! No traffic to their website = no customers!

Terrible websites get no customers. Professional and/or beautiful websites tend to get customers.

The key to a sale is showing your customer their ongoing problem; i.e. that their current website is getting little to no traffic to their website. How do you do this?

I personally use SEMrush to show website data. You don't need to show or understand anything else apart from the traffic graph. This graph will tell you how much traffic their websites get.

Why do we need to show your customers their problem?

  • 90% of website owners don't know they have a problem. Your job is to show them.
  • If your customer is made aware that he has a problem; i.e. little to no traffic, then he is more motivated to have this problem solved, which makes your sale a lot easier!

In the example below, I was searching for potential locksmith clients and had identified one particular site where their traffic had dropped dramatically since the start of the year. The locksmith was interested to know this fact as he had explained that he had been getting less customers this year. After showing him this, he was more interested to know how we could help him. So we sold a high price website package based on this problem I had identified.

If we just explained to him we could build a better website, we could have charged $1,500. But because we identified his problems and backed it up with images and information, we easily commanded $5,500 for a website package!

To access SEMrush, you can:

  • Click here to order full monthly access for $15.97 a month, or 30 days full access for $25.97. As part of the order, we will include simple instruction on what you need to do and how to show your customers their severe problem in order to get a high price sale!

If you follow these steps properly, you will gain new sales, drive more profit to your PayPal account and gain a huge competitive edge in your niche!

Now go dominate your niche!

Coaching Call

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