Passive Income Mastery

One thing that the rich do very well that others don't do is passive investment. Most people believe that to invest requires $10,000's.... not true. What if I told you that you can invest for just $2 a day? This is how I did it, and I've been able to make $1,000's return on my investment based on this simple strategy.

Simple Passive Income Strategy

It's so simple, here are my personal steps:

  1. Save up at least $50 per month. Most of you will be working and so will be able to save $50 per month. For those that say that do not have $50 to put aside, ask yourself, do you spend your money on things that do not matter in the long run? Most people spend their money every day on lunches, dinners, coffee, drinks, and snacks. Simply by saving $2 day, you will be saving $60 each month. Discipline yourself by spending less on the things you would normally buy. If you typically spend $5 on a medium size coffee, buy a small one instead for $3 and save $2. Do you spend $2 each day on a snack? Try avoiding buying the snack altogether. Not only will you save $2 each day, you will also become healthier. Over time, you will find $2 will become easier and you may even find ways to save even more money!
  2. Identify individual stocks and funds to invest in. Trust me, this isn't as hard as it seems and can be kept as simple as possible. You will not be trading (buying and selling stocks day-to-day). Instead, you will be making an investment and holding onto it long-term. We are going for the "boring" method of investment because this is the most straightforward and passive form of investing. This strategy is highly favored by Warren Buffet himself, the most famous investor well-known for his strategy investing for the long-term. The idea is to take the $50 that you have saved up each month and invest in that stock or fund you have identified. You will want to find an investment that pays around 2% return per annum, anything less than 1% is not worth your money!
  3. And that's it! If it seems too simple, then because it is that simple! Investing can be as simple and as passive as you want it to be and this method is as simple as it gets!

Why do we want to invest this way? It's simple, we want to make passive income long-term. For every dollar we invest, we want to make sure we get a return every year. Let's take a simple example: Say we invest $100. We want a reasonable rate of return on our investment every year (e.g. 2% or higher). So for every $100 we invest, we can expect to receive $2 each year (depending on the investment you choose, this payment is either interest or dividend). And depending on the investment you choose, this annual payment can be split up and paid each year, every 6 months, or 3 months etc. The important thing to remember is that this investment is meant to be long-term, meaning that it is worth more the longer you keep the investment!

The best thing about this is that it is truly passive income, meaning you will be doing NO work for receiving your payments!


I mentioned that you should identify stocks and funds to invest in. While I cannot give you financial advice (you should seek your own financial advice), I can give you a few simple tips that I personally use in picking my own investments. Remember, the idea is to invest and hold long-term, we are not interested in selling them in the short-term (we are not interested in doing daily trades), we want to make more from the dividends.

Stocks - referred to as stocks and shares. They are shares in a company. In keeping things simple, I invest in bluechip companies and brands that I see every day, e.g.

  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Disney
  • Sony
  • Netflix

These stocks typical return 1-2% each year. Stick to brands that you know and you will be safe. These brands/companies have been around for decades and have very little chance of stopping anytime soon. Also, you may know a company very well that you use their products/services regularly that other people are less familiar with. If so, then this is your advantage and you can buy with confidence. In order to invest in stocks, you will need to find a broker or share dealer. A simple Google search will give you the results of brokers and share dealing platforms.

Funds - specifically mutual funds. For those investors that do not want to pick their own stocks, you can invest in a fund instead. These funds pool your money together with other investors' money and the fund manager will pick and buy stocks on the funds' behalf. The advantage is that this method is much more passive than picking stocks yourself ad the fund manager will do this for you, plus they will have the expertise that you will not have in picking the right stocks. A good fund can typically return around 2% per annum after fees. A simple Google search can give you the results of available mutual funds.

Please remember that your choice of investments are your own. We are not responsible for your choice of investments and we urge you to seek independent financial advice if you have any uncertainties. 

Investment Approach

As long as you follow the above instructions, you will do well in your investments. 

You can choose to pick your own stocks or funds to invest in. Alternatively, we also offer a fund for all our customers:

  • We manage the fund on your behalf so everything, including your income, is 100% passive. We analyze and pick all the stocks so you don't have to
  • We pay you a guaranteed 2% income to be split into 2 payments, each payment is made to you every 6 months. We guarantee you regular income during your investment
  • You can invest a lump sum of $200 or $50 each month
  • Super low management fee of 0.65% for all our investors (most mutual funds typically charge between 1% to 2% management fee)
  • Email us at to get started on your investment!

My Own Strategy

When I started out, I invested $50 every month into a fund because I was not experienced nor did I have the time to analyze and pick my own stocks. Investing into a fund was very hands off, once I made the investment, the fund will grow and receive income for me passively. Once my fund began to grow and I started gain experience in stocks, I then invested $1,000, 50% into stocks and 50% into funds. I was receiving regular income simply by holding onto my stocks instead of selling. I then started my own fund that I manage on behalf of other investors and was helping to make them passive income on a regular basis!


This strategy sounds too simple, can I really make passive income from this?
Yes absolutely! This strategy is designed specifically for people who want to make passive income but do not have the experience to invest. We have stripped back all the noise and nonsense people make when talking about investment. We feel that people make it sound too complicated when it really isn't. It can be complicated if you are an expert, but for those that are less experienced, it can be very basic and straightforward. Sure, we aren't going to show you deep analysis of investments and sophisticated strategies, but then again, that would require far too much time which then stops becoming passive and in the l0ng-term could lose you a lot of money if you don't know what you are doing!

How can I simply invest in stocks without analyzing them?
My simple strategy is to buy stocks of companies that you know very well. As famous investors Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch said, the best stocks to buy are the ones you know very well, you will typically have an advantage over investors who do not know the brand/company and base decision to invest on spreadsheets. We do not need to teach you sophisticated analysis of stock-picking because as long as you pick the safe stocks like bluechip stocks and brand/companies that you know well, you will be safe. Everyday consumer brands, oil and gas and any tech brands like Google, Amazon and Sony will always be around. Try to avoid companies that you have never of even if they promise higher returns! 

Why are we buying and holding shares long-term? Why do we not buy low and sell high?
Regular trading of stocks is very time-consuming, risky and expensive. Most of the time you are waiting for the value to rise and when you sell regularly, your profits are lost in fees (most trading fees are around $10 per trade). You may know someone who traded stocks or you may have even traded yourself - statistically, less than 10% traders are profitable! We want to keep our investments as passive as possible and fees to a minimum. We make our money from regular and long-term income. As long as we hold our investments, we shall continue to receive our payments. Even if the value of your stock goes down, you will still continue to receive payments!

Which funds should I pick and where can I find them?
Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a fund because we are unable to give financial advice, this is something you need to find for yourself. A simple Google search can always provide a plenty of results that will suit your requirements

I am interested funds because I do not want to pick my own stocks, can you help me?
Certainly! We have our own fund that we manage for all our customers. You simply invest the money and we will pick the stocks and manage them on your behalf. The benefit to you is that we guarantee a 2% income return to you during the time of your investment so you can be safe in knowing that you will be receiving passive income from us. Email us at to discuss your investment with us!