Product 1:

Similar to copy/paste profits. Teach them to record a review video and review this product and upload onto youtube. Get them to request affiliate link and assign their link to a unique url.

Upsell - do 2 landing pages.

Product 2;

IM Netflix

Add Udemy and old review copy videos (if videos are older)

Review page before clicking onto the product (the page normally used to sell Glynn products): Should be a page with links to other products. Instead of using the product name, use sales description instead ($150+ per day from copy & page!)

Product experiment:

Free product - 1-2 videos from review copy with button at the bottom to purchase full course.


Once you have a domain and web host, you can begin to build you site.

To get set up, I've provided links to videos that will help you.

Click here to set up your website. You can ignore the domain and host parts as you've now done them. Just focus on setting up the site.

Click here to build your landing page. Watch this video after you've set up your site.

For themes, you have a couple of options. You can choose a free theme from WordPress or you can purchase a premium theme for a small fee. Since I'm driving traffic to my site, I want them to stay there and opt into my site, so I don't mind spending a few dollars to make a high number of sales!

I personally like to purchase premium themes from Theme Forest as they have the largest selection of premium themes that convert visitors into sales. The support team behind these themes are super response and helpful! Click the image below to visit Theme Forest!

Landing Page - My Favorite Way

My favorite way is to create landing quickly, easily and with no fuss!

I've personally been using Wishpond for while now to build up my landing page within minutes and they look extremely eye-catching and professional!

I'm not a technical person so I appreciated how simple it was to create beautiful landing pages within minutes using "drag & drop" features.

I've been able to see a significant increase in customer sales with their range of templates.

Below are examples of the kind of landing pages you can expect to create within minutes!

So if you're going to create a landing page, the smart and easy way would be to use "drag & drop". If you go with Wishpond, you don't have to purchase domain name, hosting or themes, you can get everything inside Wishpond!

Click the image below to visit Wishpond!


Autoresponder is absolutely crucial because that's how we a) create a simple funnel drive sales, and b) build a list to make even more sales each month.

GetResponse is good but I would highly recommend AWeber because of it's simplicity and their support team is top notch!

Having a terrific support team is important in this setup and I'll explain further later.

Click the image below to visit AWeber.

Product Offer

Now it is time to choose what products you want to offer. Since I like internet marketing products, I would visit sites like Warrior Plus, JV Zoo, Commission Junction and Clickbank. 

There are tons of products to promote and each one can potentially make you a lot of money once you are set up correctly. Simply open an account on these sites and select what you would like to offer.

Here are a couple of tips on what to look for when selecting which product to sell:

  • Never choose an expensive product to sell. Unless you are very experienced, you won't be making sales for products over $30. Stick with products around $7 because they are much easier to sell and you can sell in high volumes!
  • Look at their sales page. This is very much a judgement call but you have to trust your own gut instinct. If you feel that you yourself would purchase the product then it's worth promoting. If you don't like the sales page or product, chances are neither will your customers!

Free Offer

This is what you will use to attract your customers into buying your promoted product. There are several ways to do this.

Normal Way 1 - Free Article/Information

Google is your friend in this case. For example if I am promoting a paid product about making money with Facebook ads, I would Google "Facebook ads", "Facebook marketing" etc to find as many articles as I can. I would then pick a few articles and rewrite the content in my own words (this is important as you want to avoid plagiarism!). Convert your article in PDF form (you can Google "PDF converters"). This will be your free offer.

Normal Way 2 - Free eBooks/eGuides

Rather than creating the free offer your yourself, you can offer free eBooks/eGuides done by other people known as PLR's. PLR's are content created by other people and they allow you to do whatever you want with them, including give it away for free and even them sell them for profit. So if I wanted a Facebook guide to give away, I would Google "Facebook PLR".

My Favorite Way

My favorite way that gets the best results is doing reviews because this shows your customer that you've used this product yourself and that you're getting results from it. This gives your customer a lot of confidence in buying from you, which means that you're likely to see a large volume of sales in return!

Your review can be in PDF form or video upload onto YouTube. What I like to do is when I find a good product I want to promote, I would actually purchase the product myself for $7 (the high returns are worth it for such a small investment!) and use it so I can see how it works and I can talk about it in detail. So when it comes to your review, your customers are extremely clear about what they can expect, which makes they purchasing decision a lot easier!

Putting The Setup Together

The entire setup is extremely easy to put together but I do recognize that some of you may be stuck at any stage. The reason I laid out my strategy and suggestions in this way is because you can set it up yourself but also the resources I've suggested to use, especially the ones I consider my favorite, have the best support available to guide you along. 

I've laid out this course to connect the dots of each part of the setup, however it would take an extremely long time to go over the minute technical aspects of the process should you get stuck, which is why I've handpicked the resources that have the best support to fill in those gaps.

This is how you put it together:

  • If you decide to build the landing page from your own website, then I would make sure you have a simple but beautiful theme (contact theme support if you get stuck). And make sure that your host and WordPress are all set up (contact JVZoo Host if you are unsure).
  • If you decide to build the landing page with WishPond, then I would contact them whenever you get stuck.
  • You connect your landing page to your autoresponder (contact AWeber to ask how).
  • You add a free offer on your landing page (opt in form on your landing page to collect names and emails in exchange for your free offer) (contact Wishpond to ask how).
  • You set your free offer to be sent automatically to your customers' email inbox once they've opted into your free offer (ask AWeber).
  • You set the offer to automatically drive your customers to the paid product page you're promoting once they have opted in (ask AWeber).

How it works (example):

So when visitors land on your page and sees a free offer "Learn 5 Simple Ways To Make Money From Facebook", they will enter their name and email. They will then automatically receive an email with the offer you presented, but in the meantime, they get taken to the sales page of the product I am promoting. If set up correctly, a number of visitors that land this way will become paying customers!

So now your setup is complete and it's time to get traffic!

Getting Traffic

There are several ways of getting traffic to your landing page:

Method 1 - Buying A List

An internet marketer's favorite way to get traffic is to simply buy a list of proven buyers' emails, called solo ads or ad swaps. You can usually find people on Facebook that have a list buyers' emails to sell, ranging from $0.01 to $1 per click. Simply search "solo ads" or "ad swaps" on Facebook and see what you like.

Here's a quick tip: whatever price they're selling, always trying to negotiate, you can always bag a few good deals this way!

Method 2 - Set Up Facebook Page And Join Groups

This method is entirely free but it does take quite some time to get established. So if I was promoting a product on making money with Facebook, I would create a Facebook page dedicated to post content and reviews, when people click on that content, it would go straight to my landing page. Now I would join as many internet marketing, passive income and making money Facebook groups as I can and start getting to know the members and post content in the groups to help people. So when people come across your content either within the group or on your own page, they will be sent to your landing page and you can make a sale!

Method 3: My Favorite 1 - Locating Potential Customers Within Your Niche

Facebook isn't the only place to find customers within your niche, there's also Twitter and Instagram which are also excellent resources that you can explore. However the issue I find is that almost all internet marketers are using these resources, making competition tough.

Luckily, I have found a resource that not many marketers know about and I've been able to drive 100's of new people to my landing page from this. This is my own personal method and I've been able to make tons of sales each time I use it with very little investment required. Click here to find out.

Method 4: My Favorite 2 - Have Traffic Driven For You

The easiest and most time effective way of driving traffic to your landing page is have someone do it for you. This requires no effort and everything is done for you in the background while you focus on other things!

Click here to drive traffic every month to your landing page, or click here to drive traffic one time


This very method is something I use myself on a regular basis and to test it out again, I decided to build a new funnel from scratch whilst putting together this course.

  • So I created my landing page using Wishpond.
  • I searched through Warrior Plus to find a product I liked and found a course on email marketing.
  • I bought the course for $9 and went through the content, making notes on what I thought about it.
  • I wrote a 500 word review and converted it into PDF.
  • I then linked the landing page to AWeber and the PDF and link to the product to my AWeber funnel.
  • Finally I drove traffic to landing page using the traffic service I offer.
  • Then I'm done and went to sleep!

8 hours later, I woke up and looked into my account - I made $411.98!

24 hours after that, I made another $428.32!

I made around $400+ each night for the entire week!

You will see that once you have set it up like I have, you can make money overnight in your sleep!

And yes it does take some time in the beginning, but once set up, you will also see that it takes less than 20 minutes to maintain each day!

Do bear in mind that I have been building these campaigns for a while now so it doesn't take me long to build a new one. For those who are brand new to this, I would spend a bit of time carefully learning the ropes. Once you've built your first one, your second one will be quicker to build. Patience is key! And after you become more experienced, you will be able to build these very quickly!

Pro Edition - The Real Value

Well done! You have come this far and by now you should know how to build your own passive income stream and even build & repeat multiple streams at once!

But do you know the secret to where the REAL value lies?

It's your repeat customers!

Those that are already proven buyers of your previously promoted products are more likely to buy your next promoted products compared to those seeing your offers for the first time. Existing customers are already "warmed" to you and therefore much easier to sell new products to.

The "Sell"

So how do you sell to your existing customers?

You sell by not selling!

How do I mean??

Even though existing customers are easier to sell to, it doesn't mean that you should be selling to them all the time. In between selling your product offers, you should be offering free gifts and information that they can use so they can trust you more and more over time. People appreciate free stuff, especially if it's useful. However that doesn't mean you should start buy expensive gifts. Free and useful can be something as simple as sharing a link to an article you found. For example if customers have bought eCommerce courses from me, then I would regularly share free articles and podcasts related to "best niches to sell products in your online store", "plugins that will keep your customers browsing in your store" or "how to use Facebook to promote your store" etc. I might even share my own article on changes I've personally made to grow my store. As long as you're giving some free stuff in between selling, you will gain the trust of your existing customers. And the best thing is that sharing doesn't take much time; literally Google some relevant articles, share the link and you're done! The more your customers trust you, the more likely they will buy from you again!

So let's take this in simple to follow steps:

1. It All Starts With A List

By now if you have followed the initial guide above, you should already have a list of existing customers in your autoresponder from when they purchased your previously promoted products. If haven't already subscribed to an autoresponder, then what are you doing man?? Go get it because it's absolutely crucial for extracting mammoth sales from your existing customers!

Click here to subscribe to AWeber.

AWeber is the best support for any autoresponder so you'll never get stuck! 


Make sure that whenever a customer has purchased a product from you and is automatically entered into your email list, that they:

  • Receive something free automatically into their email
  • And they continue to receive something free or complimentary to their purchase on a regular basis (a good rule of thumb is 1-2 free stuff every week)

Using the eCommerce course again as an example, my customers would immediate receive an email with a link/article on "best-selling products to sell in your store" and every week they would receive "using YouTube to boost sales" or "what I do for 5 minutes each week that increases my sale conversion to 200%" etc.

The idea is to spend perhaps a day setting up a follow-up sequence where emails get sent automatically at pre-set times, so one email gets sent immediately, another a week later and another the week after that. AWeber is very easy to navigate but don't be afraid to contact support to ask them to help you with this.

A good question to ask yourself is "what information could I find and present to my customers that would help them better use their purchase". If you are able to locate and present useful information, they will thank you for it!

3. Presenting Your Free Gift

Always come across friendly and never come across overly professional when sending your email out to your list. When you do find free content, always come across like "Hey guys, I came across this article/information/guide this morning and thought it'll be cool to share with you and see what you guys thought if you wanted to improve your eCommerce sales/Facebook followers/sales strategies".

Top Tip - If you add something compelling such as "skip to the 2nd page" or "at 3.05 mins of the video, he shows his account", you've basically done the work for your customers and saved them time by going straight into the most valuable part of the information you've given them. They will be more thankful to you and trust you more!

4. Pre-selling

When it come to promoting a new product, do not simply send emails offering a new product straightaway - you need to "warm" your customers to that product first.

For example, if I was promoting a course on Twitter sales, then my email would be "Hey guys, for the past few weeks I've been experimenting with attracting new customers into my store from Twitter. The results have been amazing! I'm going to let you know how I did this! So instead of selling immediately, you're warming them by preparing them to anticipate your next email!

My Favorite Way - If the new product you're promoting isn't too expensive, e.g. around $20 then I would recommend you buy the product yourself and briefly go through it because the more you know about it, the more you can talk about it and convince your customers to buy. The $20 is a tiny investment for potentially increasing sales conversion compared to if you didn't buy and knew less about what's inside the product!!

Plus you can make income money by following the product itself - it's a win/win!

So if I have used the product myself then I can say in my follow up email "Hey guys, as I mentioned the other day I've been experimenting with something on Twitter and this is how I did it, I've lately been using (product name) and it's been getting amazing results for my store! (Then describe how you been using it and even describe your profit results!)

5. Pre-Launch Email

Make your customers anticipate the product along the lines of "Hey! Remember the (product) I mentioned a few days week? I'm going to be sending you an email about it tomorrow/this weekend/next week, so you guys will get a chance to try it for yourselves!"

If you mention the product a few times but not yet offer it to them, they will be more hungry to buy!

6. Sending The New Product Offer

By the time you come to sending the email with the offer, you customers will be very hungry! If you have followed this guide from the start, you should be able to see some sales from your existing customers because you have forced them to anticipate its availability rather than offer it to them immediately without any trust established or pre-promotion!

A reasonable window to promote this offer is over a 3 week period.

What worked for me is to email everyday about the offer for the first 4 days, then every 2 days for the next 7 days, then every 3-4 days for the rest of the period.

Top Tips - Ask AWeber To Help You With The Settings Below

1. There's a lot of emails to send for that 3 week period, however you can spend half a day writing up all your emails then schedule them all to send out at predetermined dates - set once and forget!

2. Another thing to consider is that you do not want to bombard your customers with dozens of emails about the same product. An alternative the above email strategy is that you can check on AWeber who did not open your previous email and target only them when sending your next once. That way your customers will regular receive your offers until they open their email and customers that have already opened it will not always receive the same offer. 

The Product

One thing to bear in mind is to know which products to promote and the two most important factors to consider are relevance and price. Relevance is obvious. When it comes to price, the warmer your customers are, the more expensive product you can charge. If you have followed this guide correctly, then you should be able to promote more expensive products.

For fresh customers and existing customers that you have failed to warm up, it would be difficult to promote products more than $10-$15, so picked your product wisely according to how well you've warmed them up. At least in the beginning you will not know how warm they are but after a bit of practicing promoting products regulaly, you'll start to get a feel of their warmth.

If you follow these steps from the beginning you should now be able to receive repeat sales from existing customers! You can repeat these steps over and over and continuously sell and profit from the same customers provided you continue to maintain your trust with them.

As of my own example, my fresh list was built from selling a $10 product, which made me over $500. After 2-3 weeks of warming up my existing customers, I then promoted a $30 product, which made me another $900+!

If you rinse & repeat this formula, you will be making thousands of dollars every month!


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