Wolf Sales Management System

Thank you for purchasing the Wolf Sales Management System.


Click here to open the Wolf SMS spreadsheet

When opened, download/save onto your computer.

How To Use

At the bottom of the SMS, you will find two tabs "SMS" and "Key. The SMS is where you will store your sales lead details and progress and the Key explains how to use the SMS.

The Key

On some columns you will find different color codes and an explanation as to what each color code means. So when you fill in details within your SMS, you can simply use the color codes instead of writing in the box. This is to provide efficiency within your sales process in that it allows you to minimize your reading time instead of wasting time reading repetitive text, allowing you to focus on making sales.


We have provided a few examples in how we would fill in the SMS list so that you can see for yourself. 

We have included columns for individual and business clients/leads and have shown you how we would fill it in and where to grey out accordingly.

We have also added in filters for simple searching for when you have a large list and need to find particular entries. To access the filters, simply click on the small arrow next the column names and select (tick) which entries you would like to find from the drop down menu.

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