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Important - Please Read!

You need to follow the instructions from your most upgraded purchase.

If you have purchased a higher upgrade than the basic package, please ignore this page and access that upgrade. We process one transaction per one order; so for example, if you have purchased the advanced package and submit details for the basic package, we process the basic package and cannot accept details for the advanced package and no refunds can be given! Therefore it is important you must submit details from your most upgraded package.

In order to prevent abuse of rankings, we can only accept details submitted within 14 days of purchase. If details are submitted after 14 days of proof of purchase, we cannot process your details and no refunds can be given!

What You Need To Do

Submit your order at grindworks@ymail.com and provide the following details below: 

  • Copy & Paste "Order For 'Rocket Ranker' Basic Package";
  • Your full name;
  • Your email used to make your purchase;
  • Your link that you would like to rank (please make sure this is correct!);
  • Up to 6 longtail keywords (3+ words) that you want to target;
  • Proof of purchase of 'Rocket Rankings' Basic Package; and
  • Article for "About Me" Section. Google loves content, that's why I strongly recommend writing something simple about you or your website/market/niche. Make sure it's unique (don't copy it from your website) and roughly 50-800 words long. Does not have to be high-quality writing as long as it's unique. No html, just plain text.

We cannot rank your link without the above details.

What Happens Next

We will process your details within 24 hours of receiving them. Results can take around 30 days to be noticed.


  • We have a successful record of boosting the rankings of our customers. However, please be aware that since there are almost 300 factors that dictate SEO rankings, most of these factors are beyond our control, and each website, offer, market/niche and situation is different. The content of the page/link is also a factor and one which we do not dictate or have control over. Therefore we do not promise any exact results! SEO is extremely unpredictable and although many of our customers are getting great results, we cannot promise that we can rank everybody on the first page of Google!
  • This is an SEO ranking product, not a traffic product. If you wish to gain more traffic, click here.
  • By submitting your order with the required details, you imply that you have read, understood and accepted the contents of this page; therefore no refunds can be issued once the order has been processed for rankings to take effect.

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