Accessing SEMRush

Email with the following:

  • Email subject line should be "SEMRush 30 days" or "SEMRush subscription"
  • Your name
  • Email you used to make the purchase
  • Proof of purchase for your order

 Please allow 3 working days for access login.

How To Use SEMRush And What You Need To Show To Your Customer

Click here to access the quick walkthrough video

SEMRush is an extremely powerful, however it can be confusing to use, so I've kept it simple to identify the most crucial information we need to show our customers.

We are trying to show that our customers are getting little no traffic, which means that their website is not working properly. And if you're able to identify this problem and show your customers, you are more likely to make higher priced sales!

As you can see in the video, I've identified a locksmith customer (simply Google "locksmith") that had little to no traffic since the start of the year. This is a perfect customer for us and we were able to sell him a high priced website package for $5,500!

You can see that I had scrolled across the graph to see how much traffic this locksmith got each month and it's obvious that they got less traffic each month until they had zero traffic.

Once you looked at the graph, simply create a screenshot and attach it to the email to your customer and explain what that graph means. 

Email Template

Here is the template I use myself when contacting new customers:

"Dear James,

I have come across your website earlier and I noticed that you had been getting little to no traffic coming onto the site since the start of this year. I have included a graph showing the traffic on your site decreasing each month. I therefore would like to offer you a free website analysis report.

The analysis report will help you to identify any aspects of your website that's preventing you from getting new customers or being seen on Google ahead of your competition. 

I have provided 2-3 examples of reports we've recently conducted for other locksmiths so you can see what we can do for you.

If you would like to have the same analysis report done for you, please let me know.

Kind regards"

Quick Tips

  • The best time to present the screenshot would in the first email because you are showing their problem straightaway. Once you have their attention, they are more likely to respond to you.
  • We are only concerned about websites that have bad traffic. If you find a website with good traffic, ignore it and move on to the next one.
  • I strongly advised that you use SEMRush for every website on your list. It would take slightly longer to check the traffic before sending the email rather than just simply send an email without checking however, that extra time spent is worth it. As an experiment, I emailed 100 customers; 50 with the SEMRush graph and 50 without. 31 got back to me with the graph and only 6 got back to me without it!

Importance Notice

  • If you've purchased the 30 day access, you can make another purchase at any time to access another 30 days. Simply send us an email and reorder.
  • Your 30 day access begins on the day we send you your login details.
  • We understand that access difficulties can be commonplace so we are happy to provide a replacement login should this be the case. However, we do test the login and if we find no issue then replacement is at our own discretion.
  • For monthly subscription, we require a minimum of 90 days commitment.
  • Cancellation can be made at any time but it is subject to 30 days notice and if the end of that notice falls after the 90 days commitment period.


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