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I am now going to explain to the very same 1-2 KO model I used myself to generate extra monthly passive income! 
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The 1-2 KO punch idea is very simple. The first is to establish yourself as an authority and cultivate a following of fans. The second is through ads.

You need to begin by finding a niche that you are either:

a) already very knowledgeable about;

b) something you are interested in; or

c) something you can easily find out about

Do some research online. The more you know about the niche and the more time you spend, the more ahead of the pack you are! Be sure to write some articles and notes on what you've learned as you have now come across a goldmine!

Join as many groups/forums as you can that are relevant to that niche. Now here's the key element - interact and answer as many people as possible in those groups. Everyone will have questions and problems relating to that niche and it's your job to come to their rescue. If you don't know the answer, research it then provide them with the answer in your own words. With most forums, you will gain a reputation and a quick one at that if you spend the time helping people. I recommend to spend the first couple weeks doing some serious helping in order to build that reputation quick. When people see the value you are giving, they will be attracted to you. After 3-4 weeks you can slow down and begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor as being the "go-to" guy in peoples' eyes. As long as you're helping people and not spamming, the forums will begin to fall in love with you very quickly.

Once you've reached this stage, set up your own site. Remember the goldmine I mentioned? You can use your notes and articles and post regular content onto your site. Your followers will stick onto to everything you said because they now know you are the "go-to" guy and since your content will be regular, they will visit your site regularly! The better the content, the more they will come and better still, the more friends they will refer to your site!

From here, you can now post articles recommending products that will help your niche. You can easily search for lots of sites that have products from different niches and partner with the creators to help sell them. Before had you tried to sell products without a reputation, you would probably struggle to sell 1 in 30. Now that your have a stellar reputation, you chances increase to 1 in 7!

The beauty is that it takes less effort and time to grow your reputation further and you can keep selling more and more products over time! That's the first punch!

The second punch is simpler. After a while you will already have decent amount of visitors to your site on a daily basis. You can now place Google Ads on your site. Although most of your income will be generated through selling products, Google Ads can reasonably add an extra 30% to your income. Think about it, if you were making $2,000 a month from selling products, you could also be making $600 from Google. The best part is, both those numbers can keep growing over time!

Now that's what I call a 1-2 punch KO!

That's just ONE method. There are many other methods out there to pad your monthly earnings EVEN FURTHER! I'd like you offer you other methods from other people that I've followed myself and seen tremendous success!

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