The following policies and procedures are put in place to ensure absolute fairness for you as a customer, for our existing customer base and for us as the vendor. Our policies and procedures are applicable to all our products and upgrades that derive from them. It is therefore your responsibility to familiarize yourself and understand its content.

Our policy is to safeguard against potential customer abuse and abusive access of our products, i.e. access to our products without payment, unfair access or fraudulent transactions made in order to gain access to our product. What constitutes as 'fraudulent transaction' is subject to our fair discretion. We therefore remain vigilant against such abusive practices. 

As a vendor, our responsibility is to ensure that our products provide the service as advertised and that any methods, techniques, strategies etc set out can be applied effectively by the user with results being attainable. We test run all products among individuals within our own immediate network to prove its effectiveness and to identify potential weaknesses before releasing it commercially to the public. Please note that results can vary from user to user and that any result displayed and advertised is applicable to the relevant user that followed the method, technique or strategy etc in question (whether it be the vendor or network member), and that result demonstrates potential for other users. And although our products have proven to bring results in all of our real-scenario test runs, we cannot guarantee results for individual customers, as results are very much dependent on the personality of the customer; something that is beyond our control. It is for the above reasons that we are deemed to have discharged our duty to provide an effective product with attainable results.

It is therefore your responsibility as a customer to follow fair procedure in all instances. As we have discharged our duty to provide an effective product with attainable results, it is the customers' responsibility to apply the product to its fullest. Refunds can only be made if a) the product has been applied to its fullest, and b) no results have been attained. What constitutes as 'applied to its fullest' is subject to the fair discretion of the vendor (we are entitled to request further information and proof to see how the product/service has been applied). As a vendor, we are entitled to reasonably expect that our customers have used our products to the fullest before making an adequate judgement of its effectiveness. We cannot provide a refund based on simple neglect of use by the customer, as this would fall below what is reasonably expected. Inability to access the product will not warrant a refund, as an alternative access link will be provided for you upon request. All refund requests must be sent to with the following information: 1) Your full name 2) purchase email 3) purchase receipt 4) proof of ID, and 5) 700 minimum word statement on why you have not been able to attain positive results and how you have applied the product to its fullest. We are unable to process your request if you have failed to provide the required information; therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that the above requirements are satisfied. In the event of a failure to a) apply the product to its fullest and b) provide sufficient information to support your request - your refund request will be automatically dismissed. Once we have received your information, please allow up to 10 working days to process and review your request. We have the discretion to provide you a replacement, i.e. an alternative product or upgrade in lieu of a refund. Acceptance of a replacement deems that you are satisfied of a replacement instead of a refund and that no further procedure will be taken for the original and replacement product.  

In the event of your failure to follow the above fair procedure or any attempt to circumvent this - we have the discretion to take action against you. As a vendor, we are obliged to safeguard other vendors and the community against erroneous customers and so we have the discretion to provide names and details of suspected individuals/customers to the relevant parties (including other vendors, relevant websites and financial transaction companies) for blacklisting and suspension of accounts.