Welcome To The 30 Day Traffic Flow (Advanced Package)

 Follow The Simple Instructions Below To
Access Daily Traffic For 30 Days!


Important - Please Read!

The advanced package is an upgraded order of the basic package and is therefore the same order and not a separate one.

You need to follow the instructions from your most upgraded purchase.

If you have purchased a higher upgrade than the advanced package, please ignore this page and access that upgrade. We process one transaction per one order; so for example, if you have purchased the advanced package and submit details for the basic package, we process the basic package and cannot accept details for the advanced package and no refunds can be given! Therefore it is important you must submit details from your most upgraded package.

In order to prevent abuse of traffic, we can only accept details submitted within 14 days of purchase. If details are submitted after 14 days of proof of purchase, we cannot process your details and no refunds can be given!

What You Need To Do

Submit your order at grindworks@ymail.com and provide the following details below: 

  • Copy & Paste "Order For Advanced Package";
  • Your full name;
  • Your email used to make your purchase;
  • Your link where you would like traffic to be sent to;
  • A short description about your link;
  • Up to 5 keywords that you want to target; and
  • Proof of purchase of Advanced Package

Quality traffic cannot be sent to your link without the above details.

What Happens Next

When your details have been received and processed, you will be sent a confirmation email and traffic will usually take effect within 72 hours of confirmation. 

Expect an average of around 500-1,000 daily visitors to your link for 30 days, however there is no upper limit so you can also expect a lot more!


  • We guarantee quality traffic to your link but we cannot guarantee opt-ins or sales;
  • A visitor to your link acts on their own accord. Their decision to make a purchase or to opt into your offers are entirely their own and beyond our control;
  • We solely rely on Google Analytics to keep track of the traffic sent to your link. This ensures that the tracking is fair, accurate and objective since Google Analytics is a trusted source and within our control. It is for this reason that we are only responsible and accountable for trackings as displayed in Google Analytics. We are not responsible or accountable for any trackings displayed elsewhere as there are many tracking systems available, some of which are internal to their respective sites, beyond our control and/or less trustworthy than Google Analytics;
  • Having increased traffic to your link increases the potential amount of opt-ins and sales. However, content will always remain king and will therefore remain a huge factor in influencing the rate of conversion. We do not dictate or have control over your content. We therefore suggest that you review your content on a regular basis to maximize the conversion rate of the traffic; 
  • We process your order on the same day that we receive the above details required and traffic usually takes effect within 72 hours. However, sometimes due to a high volume of orders, there may be a slight delay; in which case, we ask for our customers' patience.
  • By submitting your order with the required details, you imply that you have read, understood and accepted the contents of this page; therefore no refunds can be issued once the order has been processed for traffic to take effect.

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