THE twitterfacebook SALESMACHINE

Follow my case study as I take a brand new Twitter account and Facebook page and use it to gain new followers from scratch and drive them to my website.

I own several e-commerce stores and blog sites but here I will be driving traffic to one of my e-commerce sites.

Whether you have your own e-commerce store, blog/affiliate site, or just generally have products/services on offer, this strategy works just the same!

Please be aware that this guide is solely designed to teach you how to gain new followers from Twitter and Facebook and put your website, product or offer to their attention. Anything else will be beyond the scope of this case study.

Also my website, Facebook and Twitter page will remain confidential in order to protect my niche.


This case study assumes that you already have your own:

  • Website, product or offer; 
  • Existing or brand new Facebook and Twitter pages;
  • Selected niche; and
  • Relevant content for your niche

If not then please make sure you have these beforehand.

Stage 1: Twitter Follows

Please be aware that Twitter is not the place to promote your website, product or offers. But it is the place to locate interested people in your niche!

Identify the existing Twitter groups already involved in your niche. For example, if you are in the weight loss niche, find the Twitter groups that cover weight loss. Ideally you want to be targeting the biggest groups available because of their larger following. People that follow these groups are clearly interested in weight loss and more than likely will take action to achieve their goals in this area!

When you identify these weight loss groups you can also see their followers. Start following the groups' followers. When you follow them, they will see that you have followed them and if they also see that you posted relevant content and tweets that fills their interest, they will follow you back!

I followed 150 people every day for 30 days, which resulted in my brand new Twitter page going from 0 followers to 3,195 followers by day 30!

My follow-back conversion was around 71%!

3,195 new Twitter followers / (150 follows x 30 days = 4,500 follows) = 71% follow-back conversion

The reason for the high follow-back conversion is largely due to posting relevant and valuable content to the niche and following more than 100 highly targeted people per day in that niche.

I recommend in the beginning to follow up to 150 people per day whilst your page is brand new. Over time you can increase that number.

Stage 2: Twitter Follower List

Make a list of your followers. Make a schedule when you want to do this, either every day, week or month.

I wanted the fastest results possible so I scheduled this for every day. On day 1 I followed 150 people, on day 2 I followed another 150 and made a spreadsheet list of people who followed me back from the previous day, and repeated this cycle for the rest of the 30 days.

At the end of each day, I had a growing list of names that were interested in my niche and were my own new followers. 

The next stage is converting your Twitter followers into Facebook followers where they will get to see your website, product or offer you are promoting. I will break this into two sub-stages.

Stage 3A: Twitter To Facebook Link

You can choose to post relevant articles, pictures or memes from your Facebook page onto your Twitter page. Do not promote websites, products or offers on your Twitter. Do remember to add a call to action to like, share or join your Facebook page. 

When your Twitter followers click on your content and get taken to your Facebook page, some will click "like" or share your content, and they will see your future content, including your websites, products or offers you are promoting on your Facebook.

Stage 3B: Direct Facebook Connection

Using your list from stage 2, go through those names and find them of Facebook. Once you have found them, add and message with a free offer in return for them to add you back. This free offer can be an article, eBook, video, exclusive invitation to a group etc. You can create these offers yourself, pay others to create them or find them free at various sources with a simple Google search.

The offer must be relevant, so if you found him/her in the weight loss Twitter group you must make a weight loss offer.

Message them saying that you thank them for joining your niche Twitter group and would like to add and invite them to your Facebook page, and you would also like to give them a free offer for doing so.

To save you a huge amount of time and guesswork, I explain more about the messaging and free offers in more detail, including the costly and time-wasting mistakes to avoid. I also provide you the opportunity to access my high converting message template. You can find out more about this towards the bottom of this page.

As I wanted to get the quickest results:

From Stage 3A, I posted relevant content every day to my Twitter page.

From Stage 3B, I found and contacted my Twitter followers on Facebook each day as I updated my list.

The Results -

From 3,195 Twitter followers, I converted them into 2,683 new Facebook followers!

1,214 new FB followers from stage 3A = 1,019/3,195 Twitter followers = 38% Twitter To FB conversion

1,469 FB followers from stage 3B = 1,469/3,195 Twitter followers = 46% Twitter To FB conversion

= 84% Total Twitter To FB conversion at around day 30!

Sales By Day 30

By day 30, I had 3,195 Twitter followers and 2,683 Facebook fans!

Each on of those 2,683 Facebook fans saw my website and 188 of them converted into paying customers making an average purchase of $47 each.

188 customers x $47 = $8,836 by day 30!

Not bad for a brand new Twitter and Facebook page!

Extra Tip

Integrate your website into your Facebook page so that your fans can browse your site within your page. It's fine to add a link on your Facebook that directs fans to your site but you will lose out on conversions compared to integrating your site.

Boost Your Earnings Further

Once you make over $8,000 every month, where do you go from there? If you're like me, you'd like to boost your earnings further, and so over time I had refined this technique and pinpointed the two key areas of improvement.

  1. The quality of your free offer, including how to acquire it and create it; and
  2. The quality of your Facebook message and the keys things you must have to achieve a higher Twitter to Facebook conversion

After spending some time refining these key areas, I managed to boost my conversion from 46% to 67%! That 21% conversion boost meant I added an extra $2,209 in my first month in addition to the $8,500+ I was already making every month! And I continue to make an extra $2,000+ monthly, bringing my total to around $10,500+ every month!

I want show you how you can boost your earnings by at least 21% by:

  1. Showing you how to acquire and create a quality free offer that your followers will want. This takes me no more than 30 minutes and I'll teach you how; and
  2. I will provide that the same template message I used to boost my Twitter to Facebook conversions, so you don't have to write it yourself. Simply copy and paste.
  3. I will even provide you a breakdown of why this template works!

I want to put you on the 10k Facebook Fastlane to converting even more followers and boost your earnings even further!

Simply click the link below to access the new case study!