Stage 1: Picking Your Niche

You must begin by defining your niche and audience. What do you want to sell and who do you want to sell it to? The best way to find a suitable niche is to pick a niche of a niche of a niche.

For me, I pick weight loss. However it's no good to just market weight in general because it's too broad. Instead, I narrowed down to weight loss for women over the age of 24 who are regularly active in gyms and sports and looking to build a healthy lifestyle and an athletic body.

As you can see I picked a niche and narrowed it down into a sub niche using 4 definitions. If you manage to pick a sub niche that is a buying niche then you are more likely to convert paying customers as opposed to just targeting a general broad niche.

Stage 2: Creating Your Twitter Account

If you don't have a Twitter account already, now is the time to create one. Content is king so make it look appealing and professional.

I simply added a profile picture of an athletic woman with a six-pack and filled my content with inspiring quotes, memes and links to other websites relevant to weight loss for women over 24. It is important to provide useful content before selling anything.

Stage 3: Building Your Audience And Followers

The amount of your sales relies mainly on the size of your audience, so it's crucial to build a massive audience as fast as possible. 

How I do this is identify groups that are relevant to my niche, so groups catering to athletic women, gyms, female supplements and dieting/health/exercise advice. I simply search through those groups' followers and follow them. I usually spend 30 minutes a day following up to 50 followers.

When they follow you back, they will see all the content you have put up on your profile and because that audience is serious and targeted, they will pay attention to your content. It is also important to be active. Try to tweet and retweet on comments and content that are relevant to your niche. It doesn't matter what you tweet/retweet as long as it's short and snappy because it puts you in front of your audience on a regular basis. This is how you build your massive Twitter audience for free!

It is important to spend around 7-14 days focusing on building your audience and providing valuable content before doing anything else.

Stage 4: Creating Your Sales Setup

You should have the following main setup:

Stage 5: Product Selection

In the beginning if you are selling to your audience for the first time, I recommend selling a low cost product to begin with so that you get very little resistance from paying customers. I recommend choosing a product priced between $10-$15. You can find products to sell at the following:


You will be able to find products that cater towards almost any niche!

Find a product you would like to promote and ask the product creator for permission. Once he grants you permission, he will give you your unique link to his/her sales page.

I like to choose products that are simple and easily digestible beginner guides and tips aimed at women looking for dieting and weight loss.

Stage 5: Product Sales Setup

Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a squeeze page (if you don't already have one) - Don't know how to create one? Click here.
  • Provide a FREE gift/offer to attract your visitors to provide you their emails.
  • For the free gift/offer, you can either:
  • One - create it yourself. I Googled a few articles relevant to my niche; in this case, dieting and weight loss for women, so I searched for tips, strategies and videos that my audience will like, rewrote them into my own words and compiled them into a free PDF guide; or
  • Two - use PLR products. PLR products are Private Label Rights, meaning the products are created by someone else but they allow you permission to freely do whatever you want with them, including selling them as if they are your own. You can have PLR's for anything, including eBooks, videos and software. If you prefer not to spend the time in creating your own software and would rather use PLR products as free gifts, then click here to access 500+ Premium PLR Products for you to do whatever you want with them!
  • Connect your squeeze page to your AWeber account and copy/paste your unique sales page link into AWeber, so that when visitors click to opt in and get the free PDF guide or PLR product, they also automatically get presented with the sales page of the product. If you don't know how to set up AWeber with the squeeze page and affiliate link, you can find tutorials when you sign up to AWeber free for 30 days. 

Stage 6: Promoting To Your Twitter Followers

Grab the url to your squeeze page and post it on your Twitter profile. I like to capture my audiences' attention by posting an inspiring picture of an athletic woman on a magazine front cover with the headline/comment, e.g. "Former Bullied Girl Achieves Dream Of Landing A Modelling Contract", with my squeeze page url included. Another example is I include my url with the image and comment "Burn Fat Like Ronda Rousey!"

If you have built a large enough audience at this point and have provided enough useful content before selling to your audience, they will have trusted you as a resource and authority and will have happily purchased any product you recommended.

In my case after 14 days, I had followed 700 people and 450 followed me back because I made sure my Twitter profile was filled with useful and inspiring content. I tweeted and retweeted several times a day and engaged in a few conversations with my audience.

When I began promoting my first product at $15, on the first day, I got a 8% conversion plus a 2% conversion from the upsold products at $35 each.

450 Twitter followers x 8% conversion = 36 paying customers x $15 product = $540 main sales

450 Twitter followers x 2% conversion = 9 paying customers x $35 product = $315 upsold sales

First day of promotion = $855 total sales!

I continued to promote this every few days for the next two weeks and made an addition $1,764!

So from day one starting at $0 to day 30, I made a grand total of $2,619 on my first promoted product!

Stage 7: Growing Your Business

If you repeat the above steps, you will be growing your audience even further. You can expect to add another 400-700 followers each month. The more you follow and engage/tweet, the more likely your followers will grow and buy from you. Now that your websites and accounts have already been set up, you won't need to do this again so your time spent is dramatically cut. Even if you don't do anything different other than grow your Twitter followers, your sales will increase massively every month!


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