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The Super Viral Cheats

You will be able to access the Super Viral Cheats in the link below. In the meantime, I have prepared an article for you, so sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy it!

For the past year, I have been heavily into viral marketing and looking for ways to create consistent viral content. Through countless experiments and tweaking and have fortunately been very successful in the past few months. You will find my successful formulas in the Super Viral Cheats. However the work involved did require a large amount of time and effort, but once you have solved viral marketing, you will get massive traffic to your site and massive commissions. Fortunately I have also recently come across this viral hack that saved me 80% less time in getting viral content.

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With this hack, I managed to get:

  • Free traffic - I did not use SEO or Facebook ads
  • Results in less than 24 hours - not all did I get tons of traffic but I also gain a high volume of sales in less than 24 hours

How Did I Get Traffic And Commissions In Less Than 24 Hours?

I used other peoples' viral videos and placed them into the viral network.

It's a simple 4 step process:

  • Grab a viral video from YouTube
  • Place it into the viral network
  • Share it a few times on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Your content automatically goes viral and you get paid!

Your pages will be similar to ads, you will get paid even if visitors click on your page and does not buy anything.

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