The Super Viral Cheats

For this, I used my eCommerce store and Facebook as case studies for my viral cheats. For the purposes of niche protection, I shall be keeping the url to my sites confidential.

"XYZ" Ways, Lists And Tips

You want to make content short, snappy and easy to consume for the reader. Lists also invoke emotion as it implies favoritism, i.e. no 1 is better/more important than 10 on the list.

For my eCom store, I created a bunch of articles that were in list form, i.e:

  • "The 10 Most Delicious Dishes To Prepare Using A Pressure Cooker"
  • "The 5 Best Budget Pressure Cookers You Can Buy"
  • "5 Important Mistakes In Pressure Cookery"

As a test, I created two articles with the same information, one in list form and the other as 2-3 large paragraphs. Unsurprisingly, the list article got shared 20x more than the paragraph one!

When it is short, snappy and to the point, readers will remain engaged and when the information is something that directly applies to them, there is a very high chance they will have friends with the same interests that they will share your content with.

Using Curiosity Words

Words like "common myths" and "common mistakes" lead to curiosity and the reader wanting to find out more. These words rock the status quo because if people have always believed something to be true and you present an article that shakes that belief, then those people want to know what it is. People also want to avoid doing things wrong so if you present information that shows them why something they have always done is wrong and you can correct it, then readers will become hooked and share it with other people because those mistakes you have addressed is likely to be a very common problem. For example, I wanted to address somethings that everyone wants but few people get right:

  • 5 Simple Reasons Why You Are Doing SEO Wrong
  • 5 Common Myths Of Facebook Marketing
  • 5 Common Pitfalls When Starting Your Own Business

As a test, I created two articles with the same information, one article framed to address common mistakes, common myths etc, and the other is a straight-forward "how to" guide. In the space of 48, the "common mistakes" articles got shared on FB much quicker than the "how to" guide because it paints a context for the reader to relate to their own situation. 


People are by nature competitive and they love to compare and contrast. Some people like to use examples as inspiration and as indicators as to where they currently at and where they are going. Examples such as:

  • Why women embrace social media more than men?
  • Why do some small businesses connect better with their customers than large businesses?
  • What are wealthy people doing right that you aren't?

In some cases, these comparison articles inspire readers to take action. Some people that become hooked on these articles become more proactive in inspiring others and they essentially build their own personal community by sharing your article and others like it.

Challenging The Norm

Similar to using curiosity words but you are using them to make bold and emotive statements that might challenge and rock normal social beliefs, such as:

  • Why being smart is never enough for success
  • Why listening to your parents will ruin your chances as a successful entrepreneur
  • Why laziness is a good leadership quality to have

These statements make readers go "what?!" and makes them click to read more because you have rocked their status quo.

Using Numbers and Percentages

This helps to quantify and give weight to your information. Attention is immediately drawn to figures and they are instantly digestible compared to words and description. When you add figures into your articles, they are the first thing readers see before reading the rest of the title and article. For example:

  • How this small business went from 100 to 10,000 customers a month in 1 year!
  • How you can make $1,000,000 this year
  • How you can charge clients 250% more for your services with this technique

When I started adding more quantitative information to my sites, I have found an increased spike in my website traffic and visitors were staying on my site longer and clicking through other similar articles.


You take someone or something that people will know and use that recognition to tie into your information. Because some people, things and events will have their own following, you will be cultivating some of the following if you incorporate them into your own. Also that recognition gives readers a reference point and it is a conduit to bridge the gap between something they recognize and your information. See the following examples below:

Celebrity Tie-ins

  • Mark Cuban's 10 tips for marketing your business
  • How Arnold Schwarzenegger went from bodybuilder to multimillionaire entrepreneur 
  • Jessica Alba on diversifying her business

Company Tie-ins

  • How you can make Apple's branding strategy work for your business
  • Why making your own Pinterest-style mini site could boost sales for your eCom
  • A new Whatsapp alternative app that you can invest in today!

News, Event And Calendar Tie-ins

  • How we can change our eCom design to suit Google's new changes to SEO
  • 10 ways to maximize traffic to our site during the Christmas rush
  • 5 ways to make your customers fall in love with you on Valentines Day

I have experimented with writing several articles for each of these categories. It should come as no surprise that the articles that got the most views and shares were the ones that involved the most well known and high-profile celebrities, companies and events. The ones that got less views and shares involved lesser known celebrities, companies and events.

Funny Content

The most shared type of viral content is funny content. If you are able to convey humor through your content, it will be shared. You may want to Google some funny stories and learn what makes content funny and incorporate that style into your own content. 

Negative Feelings

Any content that causes the reader to be sad, angry or afraid will be shared. For example:

  • 72 old man wins $1.8 million dollar lottery, but still expects taxpayers to pay for his state benefits
  • Man waits 25 years to see his long lost wife
  • Mysterious object contains weird history

Extra Viral Tips

  • Every piece of your viral content MUST include a call to action. It must include "share this content" at the start and end of your information.
  • You increase your chances of your content going viral if you include a funny meme or image relevant to your information. For example, if your content mentions a famous celebrity, you can include a funny picture of that person in your content. The more high profile the celebrity, the more likely that it will be shared.
  • Adding existing viral videos from YouTube into your content and writing about it can make yours go viral by association

Every one of these viral cheats worked for my eCom store and Facebook page and there's no reason why they cannot work for you - try them out!


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