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Secret Free Traffic Hack = $200 Profit Before You Go To Sleep Tonight!

The Problems With Paid And Free Traffic

As a marketer, I'm driving traffic to my sites and products every day, using both free and paid traffic. 

The problem I find is that although paid traffic is good and can generate immediate traffic, this is not guaranteed and costs per click, especially Facebook advertising is getting more expensive these days. Facebook ad costs that used to cost 15 cents per click can now cost 92 cents per click! You can blow your entire ad budget before you even get started!

The problem I find with "regular" free traffic is that SEO is becoming extremely unpredictable and what was working and legitimate 6 months ago will now violate Google's policies today!

In my previous experience, even if I create relevant content, it can takes months to rank and generate sales from my pages if any! I can travel around the world for 6 months and come back and it still might not even rank!

The SEO problem also lies in the fact that in the past, I was following the wrong advice and posting and following sites that had no impact in ranking my own site or products and I was following too many of them.

If you are looking to sell/promote products or just want to drive more traffic to your website, the LAST thing you want to do is a) pay increasing Facebook ad costs that eat away at your profits or b) creating content then waiting months for you page to rank on Google!

The best practice isn't following as many resources as possible. It's finding the few golden sites/resources and focusing on them. ONE good resource/goldmine site is worth more than 100 bad ones!

Do You Know A Goldmine Resource?

If I had a choice of free or paid goldmine resources, the choice is a no-brainer!

Luckily, my friend Glynn shares my opinion on free and paid traffic and has discovered a secret free traffic hack method that can generate instant profit - in fact you can profit before you go to bed tonight!


What Is This Secret Free Traffic Hack?

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